A War No One Really Cares About Winning

There are lawsuits in the against the EPA and its clean coal regulations. There is a fast, easy way to stop all this nonsense in a very short time—shut down ALL coal fired plants NOW. All of them, today. Don’t worry that 40% of the electricity in the USA will be lost—it didn’t matter to the EPA, why should it matter to you? Of course, no one has what it takes to actually stop the nonsense—which makes me question if they even want to. Why are they going through courts when the solution is right in front of them? Perhaps because they don’t really care at all about this and just want to look proactive? That’s the only explanation I have. Coal companies and power companies CAN stop the “war on coal”, but they don’t and they won’t.  Again, ask yourself why.


(A sign I found on the internet—seems appropriate here.  Made a sign, so what more could I do?  We filed a lawsuit—what more could we do?)