The climate is perfectly normal

This is November 30/December 1 in Wyoming. Lots of snow, lots of wind. Typical for this time of year.


Wading through the snow in search of tasty sagebrush!


The deer that is closest is snow-covered on back. I have seen this several times in the past.
Bambi-ette (a doe) walked in and scratched out a comfy bed.



Next is the new symbol for climate change/global warming:





Thanksgiving rant

First, I am thankful I live in a country where I can blog and rant.  Happy Thanksgiving

I was listening to an ad on CBD oil pseudoscience and how to get rich off foolish people. The ad says I should go to the SELLER to find out about whether or not the stuff is useful. Seriously, we have lost our minds when we go to the seller for the “facts”? SELLERS SELL. It’s their job description. Not honestly, not honor, not truth—SELL. It’s little wonder people are following morons like Michael Mann and their kids are having nightmares about Waterworld and drinking their own urine while fighting over tomato plants. The very, very LAST person you listen to is the seller, whether it’s a product or a theory. You read studies when claims of benefits are being made—NOT ANECDOTES. You read all sides on politics. You check on BOTH sides of an academic question like Waterworld Earth and the coming death by heat (didn’t the Bible say death by fire? Hmmmmmm.) before you push your kid to suicide or medicate them for depression YOU gave them. IF you’re a rational, intelligent person. Yeah, that’s the catch. People are stupid and emotional. Gypsy wagon fake cures sell at record speed over the internet. I often bet I could have sold dirt in capsules if I called it a natural mineral supplement. It would also work to add food coloring, ground carrots and ground broccoli and call it a superfood.  People are seriously that stupid and apathetic. Slap “sustainable” or “natural” or “organic” on a label and the fools will buy arsenic for dinner. There’s no thought process in this.

There is an ad out there talking about “the little blue planet”. I said something during the commercial about “this is a mattress commercial” and my husband said “What? Mattress?” Yes, and NEVER is the name of the mattress said in the entire commercial. It’s only shown on the last screen. The mattress is “organic wool (I’m itching all over at that—I’m allergic to chemical AND organic wool. Wait, organic wool? The sheep are feed organic, they free-range and they bathe them to keep nasty chemicals off them?), organic cotton (because we LOVE boll weevils destroying cotton crops) and organic latex (sounds kinky, doesn’t it?). Oh, there’s that latex allergy thing—not me, but a whole bunch of people out there. Then they are hand-made in LA (city of feces on the streets). They are “climate neutral”, again an appeal to “THE REALLY STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE”. Luckily, maybe many people are out of the room and miss the name on the screen or are having flashbacks to pot and the 60’s while the name is displayed.

Worse, there’s a vegan mattress. As another blogger I read says “THE STUPID, IT BURNS”.

Cost for matress:
With 100% natural latex, 100% GOTS organic certified wool & cotton and up to 1,414 support coils and a price of $1,399 for a queen and another $400 for the pillow top option, it’s a great buy. (
Rich, stupid, mindless fools. Personally, if someone breaks out from the latex and wool, I see lawsuits right and left. I mean, nature is not supposed to hurt you, right?????
Humanity deserves extinction.
Unless Hell freezes over, I’m sticking with my NON-ORGANIC waterbed. I will never, never, never purchase from these idiots and charlatans. They come in right behind class-action Satan minions that sue Monsanto.

Creepy, dishonest, probably-not-someone-to-fly with EasyJet airline will be using creative accounting to pretend they are not producing carbon dioxide emissions. Again, stupid people will fall for this. If only Americans understood language and math-or reality, for that matter.

In other news, Kanye West continues his crusade to destroy what makes Wyoming special by buying a second ranch to pillage. He’s already got bulldozers cutting up the first one for a 70,000 sq foot amphitheater. Who knows what follows? Cody will soon be a rich haven of liberals, much like Jackson. Yes, Kanye likes Trump and for now preaches responsibility, except, of course, his own. HE behaves like he is God, almost literally—while he preaches Christianity, it’s reported he wants to change his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire” (which I hope is not true). If we are looking at who to blame for destroying the planet, check out the millionaires and billionaires. Much like Anschutz in Colorado, they rape and pillage land, while keeping their own thousands of acres beautiful and scenic. I realize this is not fixable. Human greed and stupidity goes back to the beginning of humanity. I was chewed out once for not forcefully opposing this, but honestly, the rich are going to pillage and plunder and no one can fix that. It’s who they are and what they are, from the days of the range wars and railroads, back to the Aztecs and Incas, humans pillage and plunder. They acquire and transform. In the past, humans simply destroyed resources to keep others out. It’s not so blatant as it was in the past, but it’s still there. Bloomberg, Steyer, and their likes destroy to keep themselves rich and everyone else poor. It’s their platform for kingship—oops, presidency. Maybe emperor…..My guess is Kanye will cause a lot of destruction, totally change Cody from a “western town” to a manufacturing and wealthy haven then leave the state. Wyoming loses but you can’t stop this kind of behavior. Wealth is power and the wealthy do not care what they damage or change, as long as THEY feel good about themselves. It’s how humans are. Changing it would be like changing lions to herbivores.

Update: In an amazing show of common sense, Park County denied Kanye the permit for the ampitheater when a request to add residential space was attached. Someone must have realized the likelihood that Kanye intends to build Cody into an area in the image of his dreams while destroying the whole area. We will watch how long this lasts. Kanye was also ordered to stop the dirt work already began, clearing with bulldozers, etc. Now, Kanye can reapply and judging from the idiots in local media, this will happen. Wyoming has the backbone of a jellyfish.

Bernie says we should consider prosecuting fossil fuel companies. Okay, if the morons at the fossil fuel companies don’t shut off all gas and oil immediately and shut this garbage down, the children and grandchildren of today deserve to live in the nightmare coming. Of course, since people are idiots, that won’t happen. Better to let the government parasites slowly kill you than actually take action. I always think of the song “Wishing and Hoping”. Teen age girls can possibly be excused for falling for that drivel, but adults? Nope, it’s hatred for humanity and the hope they can cut and run.

While this is a rant, it’s accurate and necessary. “Head-in-the-sand” is “dead-in-the-sand” and I cannot participate in such idiocy.


Happy Global warming!!!
(A representative photo)

Recognizing AGW or CAGW fanatics

What a fanatic is like:

Having been engaged by an AGW fanatic recently, I thought it might be appropriate to describe how one identifies a fanatic (this applies to those who do not believe also—I guess it might describe a fanatic in general).

First, they start out either attempting to sound very reasonable or just name-calling from the get-go.  It depends on the training and nature of the fanatic.  Common angry responses are “you’re a right wing nut or “that’s how all right wing nuts believe”, and generally progress somewhere along the line to if you deny AGW you MUST be a creationist.  I have yet to engage a fanatic that did not level that “insult”.  Understand, these individuals cannot think for themselves and follow whatever their overlords tell them to follow is important.  You see this in Greta, the AGW goddess.  She has zero understanding of the theory of AGW, can’t answer questions (assuming anyone is allowed to even ask her, which is doubtful), and “feels” a certain way.  The fact that she went on a hunger strike over AGW means nothing.  Children do irrational things and in the past, adults helped guide them to the rational.  Now the irrational is encouraged by the overlords, because emotion is so much easier to control and channel than actual independent thought.  Medicine men, medicine show wagons, anti-vaxxers, natural foods fanatics all understand this and exploit it.  Those who start out sounding reasonable and agreeable will do so only until pushed to defend their position.  There may be some conjoling, but eventually, the fanatic either leaves or attacks.  They have no other position.

Another characteristic is demanding a listener agree 100% with everything the overlords preach or with the fanatic’s interpretation thereof.  One cannot deviate one bit.  This is obvious with professional climate scientists who were demonized for failing to agree that the situation was a dire as the IPCC said it was, who said mitigation would cost less than attempting to wipe out CO2 emissions, etc.  There is only black and white.  If you fail to speak the proper words or express the proper ideas, you’re a “denier”, another pejorative term used by the children of AGW.  Again, no deviation, no independent thought.  Ever.

Lack of touch with reality is a third characteristic.  The fanatic saying things like “imagine the oil rigs are 400 feet tall like the wind turbines” therefore one should understand how horrible ALL energy is is one example.  There is ZERO reality in this and never will be, but the person is hoping the listener is foolish or submissive enough to agree.  Disconnection from reality is necessary for the AGW meme to work.  There is also the “weather is not climate unless we say it is” and the sudden “you can see climate change now” based entirely on the idea that weather IS climate.  It’s a form of double-think but it’s common in fanatics.


Just weather



Climate change—the planet is boiling

Using virtually no science outside of “the physics prove this” is another characteristic.  When asked how the physics work, the fanatic does not know and does not care.  Said fanatic will resort to name-calling and insults or a continual repetition of “the physics prove this”.  AGW is based on the idea that one votes for scientific proof rather than actual data and science.  Since the IPCC did exactly this, it’s not surprising.  Many times explaining the physics will cause the fanatic to flee or implode.  Being a fanatic is to live in constant fear of being confronted about your beliefs and having no answer, combined with groupthink, herd mentality and  just plain laziness and unwillingness to think.

Another interesting characteristic I have found is the cultist AGW crew will read whatever they want into writing and not what is really there.  This makes them impervious to reason.  It’s also a mild form of psychosis.  (Yes, I can say that.  I have a degree.)  No matter what reality is, they deny it, which actually makes them the deniers, if we must use that word.  I prefer “hopelessly out of touch with reality” myself, as it is the most accurate.  Again, you cannot discuss with these people.  I did find that simply repeating reality may eventually reach them in a few tiny areas, but you really have to shout louder and make more of an impression to possibly drown out the fantasies of these people.  In the end, reality smacks the daylights out of them, as they sit freezing and starving in a cave because their stupidity lead to belief in the noble savage, but in the meantime, you have little chance of reaching them.  You also have to find a way to stay away from their greedy, rich, evil overlords who, like them, are too stupid to see where the greed leads, so you don’t end up in the cave with the fanatics after the most powerful overlords toss the remainder of the fawning idiots out on their now worthless heads.  I am a big fan of the idea of a hidden compound like in Atlas Shrugged—not invisible, hidden, of course.  Disquising it as a Trump red area will keep many of these people out for decades and cause massive snowflake meltdown.  It’s one useful aspect of TDS, probably the only one.


The perfect description of the fanatic

What to do with fanatics?  Needless to say, there’s not much to be done.  I will usually keep engaging them until they give up and go away.  It’s not because I think I have even a slight chance of reaching them.  It’s just what I do.  If you want to avoid the unpleasantness, walk away and try to find someone who really is interested in science rather than blind faith in a mantra.  There are AGW advocates who will engage, but sadly most seem the fanactical type.


From a recent headline, all the more reason to ignore AGW as much as possible:

Miley Cyrus refuses to have children until we fix the climate.  Who knew AGW served as birth control???  I guess it really does do everything!!!!



Now Joshua trees are going to die.  That is the chant of global warming fools—We’re all going to DIIIIIIIEEEEE!  It has reached the level of clinical insanity.  These people no longer have touch with reality.  The article did not say if any Joshua trees have actually died or how many if some did, but they ARE going to and only humans destroying themselves can save the trees.  Of course, humans destroying themselves is the solution to all “problems” in the environment……

And don’t forget the alpine lake that tells us “We’re all going to DIIIIIEEEE!”  Who knew such a tiny amount of CO2 could kill us all? “Speaking to IFLScience, Mestre described the conditions of the climb as “quite chaotic” as the heatwave was affecting different parts of the mountain range at different altitudes Hiker Found This Beautiful Lake In The Alps. There’s Just One Small Problem”  Notice that different parts of the mountain are affected differently, clearly indicating that MORE than one factor is involved, but don’t let facts interfere with climate hysteria.

Why isn’t climate change blamed for NEW species and humans admonished for messing with nature?  If global warming can wipe out a species, surely, it can create one.  Since humans would be responsible, the new species would be a horrible thing and should be decried.  New mantra:  STOP global warming now before we are inundated with new species.  

Now the intellectually vacant employees at the National Weather service are baking biscuits in cars (pop can ones judging from the picture).  Of course, it takes FOUR hours and only a complete fool would do this, or someone overpaid with too much time on their hands.  (It takes 15 minutes in an oven).  I’m waiting for the very foolish out there to try this with a roast.  The ER will appreciate the business.  Funny, environmentalists LOVE the idea of making people in Third World countries cook this way.  I can’t really figure out if this stunt is to scare the USA as to how “hot” it is, or push the idea of solar ovens as the wave of the future.

Back once again to the disclaimer on YouTube about scientists believing in global warming therefore it must be real:  YouTube–YOU LIE AND CENSOR WHATEVER YOU DON’T LIKE, SO WE DO NOT CARE what you say or what disclaimers you add.  Got it?????

I read on WUWT that the enviros are coming after my toilet paper.  Yeah, a brilliant idea trying to shame me concerning toilet paper.  If I didn’t already majorly dislike these people, this would certainly induce massive hatred of them.  Send them somewhere this is no toilet paper and let them live happily ever after.  Just leave me alone.  

All of the “climate crisis” is based on Darwin being wrong.  It assumes organisms cannot adapt and will die if subjected to changes, especially rapid ones.  After decades of trying to disprove and/or question Darwin’s theory, who knew climate science would be the death blow to Darwin’s theory?

“Bioplastics support a rural, agrarian economy.”  From an article Nov 2018 in national geographic.  So is the author trying to find a way to keep poor farmers poor and on the farm (you know, like barefoot and in the kitchen for women) or saying when we have no power under renewable mandates and society collapses, rural people can grow corn for plastic?  This assumes no starving hordes and that in a rural, agrarian society, someone would actually want or need bioplastics, which is highly unlikely.  Either way, it seems condescending and probably not somewhere we want to go.

Headline:  SCIENTISTS WHO STUDIED CANDIDA AURIS FUNGUS WARN GLOBAL WARMING MAY LEAD TO DISEASES ‘WE DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT RIGHT NOW’  Living leads to diseases we don’t know about now.  So unless we all want to die, we’re going to have to deal with these things no matter what the climate.

Saw my 100,000th view of the Destroy Monsanto and kill millions by starvation in the USA  (Europe is already trying to starve people) commercial.  It’s about greedy, money-worshipping demons suing and finding 12 uneducated losers who hate Monsanto and will give millions to some “victim” of which 95% will go to the demon spawn that sued and the IRS.  You can’t fix stupid or greed.  However, next time someone complains about bloggers not being climate scientists, point out that  uneducated losers vote on science and award millions to people who used Roundup.  If we are going to allow fools to control millions and destroy lives, based on emotion and stupidity only, then bloggers are FULLY qualified to comment on global warming and to affect policy and public opinion.  They are many levels above the jurors as far as intellect and learning goes.  So, unless these complainers who demand qualifications randomly are willing to condemn ALL lawsuits that simply steal from corporations, we do not care about their opinions.  Sorry, but being inconsistent means you are NOT SCIENTIFIC.


Welcome to clueless

From the “clueless comparisons” department:

“The stone age ended not because we ran out of stones. The same with oil and gas.”  quote from Forbes

That is one of the STUPIDEST, MOST UNEDUCATED, IDIOTIC statement ever made.  It’s equivalent to “we did not starve because we ran out of food, we ran out of cooking utensils”.  And this from Forbes?????  Americans have become drooling fools, knuckle dragging cavemen.  We didn’t run out of the Stone Age, the troglodytes just wear suits now.

Condensation—maybe good for soups, bad for science

Condensing the IPCC report down to a “Summary for Policymakers” has the same result as taking the Dune trilogy (Frank Herbert) and making a two-hour movie.  It destroys the complexity of the input and the output is unusable (or in the case of “Dune”, unwatchable).  

In the news:

Hottest June ever in Paris.  No mention in most articles of the COLDEST June in much of the USA and elsewhere.  Of course not, because FACTS don’t matter, spin does.  If ever you wonder if climate “science” is real science, this is proof it is NOT.  When you only present facts favorable to your side, it’s politics or religion, not science.  So next time someone brings up climate change, just point out the complete hypocrisy of the “scientists” and media in presenting only data favorable to them.  It’s not science.

Concerning the continued screeching about one heat wave, etc:

I find it fascinating that ONE heat wave or other hot event can so shift an average, which is what climate is, enough to declare “climate change”.  You take 6,000 red balls, throw in a blue one, and suddenly, the balls all turn purple.  Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.


Weather forecasting is taking on the characteristics of climate “science”.  We start out the week with a forecast in the 80’s or 90’s for the end of the week or the whole week.  Then, two or three days out, the temperature forecast suddenly drops and then goes back up at the end of that seven or ten day period.  The pattern is quite clear.  I’ve monitored it at least six months and the pattern is holding.  Last week, 90’s were forecast for all of this week.  Now we are down to the low 80’s forecast for the three days after today, but still 90’s at the end of the week.  I do believe the contamination of science by “climate science” is spreading like a nasty disease.  It may be eventually fatal to science.


Per CBS and other crazy people standing on the street corner in sackcloth with a sign “The End is Near”. 

Again, the fools in the so-called media cannot tell the difference between weather and climate.  Yet you never see Michael Mann or any so-called climate “scientist” or media person yelling at the media like warmists “yell” skeptics for exactly the same thing.  As far as I can tell, it’s just wonder to have confused, inaccurate climate scientists, but skeptics better not get anything wrong.  Really?  So climate scientists and the media can be stupid, wrong and lie????  What a wonder recommendation for fake science.

Desperation to preserve the non-preservable

On WUWT, there was an article on solar cells and increasing efficiency.  My response is “yawn”.  It may be unlimited fuel, but we have had the sun for light since time eternal (or the Big Bang or whatever).  Yet the sale of and demand for light bulbs never decreases.  The stupidity of solar (energy—“Energy from Weather”) is quite clear when you look at it that way.  It’s a FAIL.


Call me when it’s safe out there.

Human Sacrifice will save us from Extreme Weather

It’s official.  Sacrificing humans will save the planet.  Trudeau of Canada says so:

“We need to be taking real action to prevent climate change. That’s why we’re moving forward on a price on pollution right across the country, despite the fact that Conservative politicians are trying to push back against that.”

See, human sacrifice will save the Canadians, and presumably the rest of us from extreme weather.  Slap on that carbon taxes and magically, no more tornadoes, floods or wildfires.  Sacrifice all human progress for the last 100 years and we’re gold. In a couple of years, I would guess.  I mean, it’s the solution, it shouldn’t take decades to work, right?  When they tossed virgins into the volcanoes, all the bad stuff stopped immediately, didn’t it?  So bleeding ourselves dry economically back to the stone age should easily cure weather in a minimum of two years.  Maybe less if we tear down the buildings that were built to the false idol of progress.  You can never appease the climate gods with too many human sacrifices.

Earth hour

Time to turn all your lights on, watch that big screen TV, run the clothes washer and dryer, and fully enjoy the benefits of the wonderful life Earth has given us and how wonderful it is to have fossil fuels and the amazing life they give us.

Earth Hour—turn your lights on and celebrate life!!!

Happy Earth Hour!!!!


Over at WUWT, there’s an article on climate change making bird migrations more difficult to predict or maybe even impossible. Really? Sounds an awful lot like a CYA for scientists that can predict nothing, including things they used to be able to predict with accuracy. In fact, soon, moon eclipses will be predicted with psychics. A HUGE amount of climate change drivel is scientists trying to cover their own inadequacies. Keep that in mind when you read any of the nonsense climate research puts out all too frequently. To put it bluntly (and I always do), it’s mostly all garbage at this point trying to salvage the idea that science is God and knows everything. 

Wacky weather:

This is February 25, 2019. At 5:53 AM, the temperature was 31°F. One hour later, it was 2°F. A 29 degree drop in ONE hour. Awesome and very unexpected! Why did this happen?

You can see the cold dropping down into the US on this map from The Weather Channel. I watched where the front was for most of the day. It was quite interesting in that it was a very strong front and you could see exactly where it sat by the temperatures and how they rose and dropped.

Top graphic is from Wunderground Weather, showing the various stations available to get readings from. I am just north of the 8° station. So my temperature was about 8° and the “official temperature” was around 32° (official temperature is taken just to the left of where the graphic shows).

Bottom one shows the movement of the front south, where now you can see the airport symbol (official temperature location) and that the front is now crossing into Casper. Eventually, it completely covered Casper and points further south.

This also from Wunderground Weather and shows the front temperatures at 7:15 AM (approx).

If you scroll back up to the original listing, you will see that at 9:53 PM the temperature was 4°, then one hour later it was 36°. The front moved north and we warmed back up very, very quickly!

This is from Weather for You for the following day, February 26, 2019. The temperature dropped 22° between 3:53 and 4:53 pm, then all the way down to 4° five hours later. A 40° drop in about 6 hours. Not as dramatic as the 25th, but still quite noticeable!

Weather is fascinating, in that it can change in an instant. This is part of why “climate” is really not very useful a metric for discussing what is happening in an area or globally. Thirty degree drops in an hour get completely washed out in climate, but we still live in the weather that produces them, not the climate that “averages” them.

What do you think?

Climate versus weather:

A common statement is “weather is not climate”. However, climate IS weather, or the average thereof. The temperature change one hears about is the anomaly from a 30 year average of min/max temperature from multiple stations. This data is then homogenized (not like milk though!) the the anomaly shows the difference between the calculated average for the period and the 30 year base period it is compared to. Thus, weather IS climate in the sense that it supplies all the building blocks for the calculation of “climate”.

Think of it this way. You have a castle built of Legos. The Legos are not the castle, they are the building blocks. The castle is not the individual blocks, it’s the sum of them as constructed. They are different but 100% inseparable items, from the “climate” view. You can have the Legos and not castle but without the Legos, there is no castle. If you change the colors of the Legos, you change the castle. The castle does not change the color of the Legos. Small changes may not be noticeable, large ones will be. 

Individual large changes in the temperatures globally will change the climate average–both hot and cold temperatures. More “heat waves” and “cold waves”can affect the average anomalies or cancel each other out. However, it should have an effect. If it does not, then what is “climate change”? A calculated number with zero connection to reality?

This is why when we talk about climate change it is not possible to predict change in the weather as a result. The only thing that is said is “may” or “might”. Even still, virtually none of these things could happen or all could. We just do not know. Not knowing means that climate change cannot be solved nor can the risk be accessed. Weather is the ONLY thing we live in, NOT climate.