Human Sacrifice will save us from Extreme Weather

It’s official.  Sacrificing humans will save the planet.  Trudeau of Canada says so:

“We need to be taking real action to prevent climate change. That’s why we’re moving forward on a price on pollution right across the country, despite the fact that Conservative politicians are trying to push back against that.”

See, human sacrifice will save the Canadians, and presumably the rest of us from extreme weather.  Slap on that carbon taxes and magically, no more tornadoes, floods or wildfires.  Sacrifice all human progress for the last 100 years and we’re gold. In a couple of years, I would guess.  I mean, it’s the solution, it shouldn’t take decades to work, right?  When they tossed virgins into the volcanoes, all the bad stuff stopped immediately, didn’t it?  So bleeding ourselves dry economically back to the stone age should easily cure weather in a minimum of two years.  Maybe less if we tear down the buildings that were built to the false idol of progress.  You can never appease the climate gods with too many human sacrifices.


Earth hour

Time to turn all your lights on, watch that big screen TV, run the clothes washer and dryer, and fully enjoy the benefits of the wonderful life Earth has given us and how wonderful it is to have fossil fuels and the amazing life they give us.

Earth Hour—turn your lights on and celebrate life!!!

Happy Earth Hour!!!!


Over at WUWT, there’s an article on climate change making bird migrations more difficult to predict or maybe even impossible. Really? Sounds an awful lot like a CYA for scientists that can predict nothing, including things they used to be able to predict with accuracy. In fact, soon, moon eclipses will be predicted with psychics. A HUGE amount of climate change drivel is scientists trying to cover their own inadequacies. Keep that in mind when you read any of the nonsense climate research puts out all too frequently. To put it bluntly (and I always do), it’s mostly all garbage at this point trying to salvage the idea that science is God and knows everything. 

Wacky weather:

This is February 25, 2019. At 5:53 AM, the temperature was 31°F. One hour later, it was 2°F. A 29 degree drop in ONE hour. Awesome and very unexpected! Why did this happen?

You can see the cold dropping down into the US on this map from The Weather Channel. I watched where the front was for most of the day. It was quite interesting in that it was a very strong front and you could see exactly where it sat by the temperatures and how they rose and dropped.

Top graphic is from Wunderground Weather, showing the various stations available to get readings from. I am just north of the 8° station. So my temperature was about 8° and the “official temperature” was around 32° (official temperature is taken just to the left of where the graphic shows).

Bottom one shows the movement of the front south, where now you can see the airport symbol (official temperature location) and that the front is now crossing into Casper. Eventually, it completely covered Casper and points further south.

This also from Wunderground Weather and shows the front temperatures at 7:15 AM (approx).

If you scroll back up to the original listing, you will see that at 9:53 PM the temperature was 4°, then one hour later it was 36°. The front moved north and we warmed back up very, very quickly!

This is from Weather for You for the following day, February 26, 2019. The temperature dropped 22° between 3:53 and 4:53 pm, then all the way down to 4° five hours later. A 40° drop in about 6 hours. Not as dramatic as the 25th, but still quite noticeable!

Weather is fascinating, in that it can change in an instant. This is part of why “climate” is really not very useful a metric for discussing what is happening in an area or globally. Thirty degree drops in an hour get completely washed out in climate, but we still live in the weather that produces them, not the climate that “averages” them.

What do you think?

Climate versus weather:

A common statement is “weather is not climate”. However, climate IS weather, or the average thereof. The temperature change one hears about is the anomaly from a 30 year average of min/max temperature from multiple stations. This data is then homogenized (not like milk though!) the the anomaly shows the difference between the calculated average for the period and the 30 year base period it is compared to. Thus, weather IS climate in the sense that it supplies all the building blocks for the calculation of “climate”.

Think of it this way. You have a castle built of Legos. The Legos are not the castle, they are the building blocks. The castle is not the individual blocks, it’s the sum of them as constructed. They are different but 100% inseparable items, from the “climate” view. You can have the Legos and not castle but without the Legos, there is no castle. If you change the colors of the Legos, you change the castle. The castle does not change the color of the Legos. Small changes may not be noticeable, large ones will be. 

Individual large changes in the temperatures globally will change the climate average–both hot and cold temperatures. More “heat waves” and “cold waves”can affect the average anomalies or cancel each other out. However, it should have an effect. If it does not, then what is “climate change”? A calculated number with zero connection to reality?

This is why when we talk about climate change it is not possible to predict change in the weather as a result. The only thing that is said is “may” or “might”. Even still, virtually none of these things could happen or all could. We just do not know. Not knowing means that climate change cannot be solved nor can the risk be accessed. Weather is the ONLY thing we live in, NOT climate.

No, your degree does not matter

Speaking of going with the person with the most advanced degree……

Today I found a perfect illustration of the lie of “authority rule” and that the less qualified cannot call out the more qualified.  I have to get new glasses.  The OPTOMETRIST (guy with NO MD after his name) will NOT accept an OPHTHALMOLOGIST’S exam in place of doing his own.  Yep, the LEAST qualified demands to double-check the MOST qualified.  So, bloggers are fully qualified to double-check climate scientists and will be so long as I have to pay a lesser qualified person a lot more than I did the more qualified for an exam I DO NOT NEED but he has to double-check that MD.  Hey, it’s the warmists that are always throwing out that “believe your MD” stuff.  So, warmists, you are wrong and I won’t accept any of your “logic” so long as this situation in the eye care world’s reversal of authority continues to exist (or at least until I see a national campaign by climate scientists to remedy this wrong).

I will note that the optometrist in this case seemed more interested in just getting a baseline for his own curiosity (which I of course had to pay for), but I still maintain that a “refraction only” option is the only proper behavior based on “authority” and “appropriateness of education degrees” according to the global warming believer’s criteria.

And it begins

With the advent of the “horrible hurricane” season, the enviros are actually salivating over the prospect of death and destruction.  It is incredibly evil to actually wish for and celebrate the death and destruction of human beings, yet the global warming believers throw parties every time the weather kills people.  I swear there is a glint in their eyes and they can’t wait for the champagne and party to celebrate death and destruction.  Can you think of anything more evil?

The completely brain-dead media is out being soooooo happy that this event will make Trump look bad, caring nothing about who is killed or injured, who loses their homes, their livelihoods, etc.  The media is happy you are going to suffer and suffer a lot. Anything that helps take out Trump and can be used to lie about climate and weather makes them sooooo happy.  Again, what horrible evil creatures these people are.

No one should be happy a hurricane is hitting anywhere.  Realists know that hurricanes are a part of life.  They must be dealt with, but they are not to be celebrated.  We need to help the people who are hit by the disaster and work to make the homes and areas as hurricane resistant as possible, realizing that sometimes weather just bests us and we can do nothing about it.

It is repulsive that the global warming believers are so enamored with the destruction of human beings by weather events while lying about wanting to save human beings by “fighting” global warming.  You don’t celebrate the destruction of what you want to save.


Was reading WUWT —on greens believing they have a moral license to pollute (according to a study by a University of Michigan psychologist). I disagree somewhat. The problem is progressives, which includes most greens, believe WORDS are all that one needs use to solve a problem. Action is not called for. Yes, there are complaints if nothing is done, but really, nothing is ever done. If action to solve the problem is proposed, it’s rejected. Action is anti-progressives. WORDS—that is what all of the greens are for. NO action whatsoever, except maybe writing checks. Of course, there’s no action other than writing the checks and the money can go to anything. No questions asked. Understand—greens are about WORDS, not actions. Like much of the planet, they do not live in the real world, but rather one they created with their words. The real world is then what they say. What they do does not exist. It’s a variation, perhaps, on doublethink, or a variation on the behavior of those like Kim Jung-Un who rule by using words to create the reality his people live in. If you allow no words other than your own, or ridicule anyone who contradicts your words, you own the population or the believers. It’s a time-honored way of running a cult, dictatorship or communist country. The US has destroyed most of science using words and only words. Thousands of them in alarmist style written or said over ONE study that is later contradicted. I swear I heard Dr. Oz say red meat is okay again. Again????? So science really is clueless? (I can’t stand to watch him, so I’m not sure where he went with the whole idea—it may be May 7th show, not sure.)

At the hardware store yesterday, the young clerk was telling me my aspen swamp cooler pads were made with left-over aspen from other processing. That made them better for the environment than the plastic blue pads. I agreed, but explained to her that the major reason I use the aspen pads is they WORK. The blue pads were a complete disaster for me. Took two swamp coolers to cool the house. With aspen, one works. I agreed that it was a good idea to use what we could that was environmentally friendly (the aspen biodegrades, the blue ones don’t) when possible. I also use the ecobricks (compressed sawdust) in my wood stove. The clerk was very into this “good for the planet” thing and I’m hoping she also understood that it’s only good if it works. At least she seemed to actually act on her beliefs, explaining why the aspen pads were good, and encouraging their use. It’s more than you get from many people.

I loved the Matrix trilogy, except the idea that in the end, we might get out of the matrix. No, once you sell your soul to WORDS and live in a false reality, you don’t come back. Natural consequences—death, war, famine, etc—may eventually bring people around again, but people on their own, so far as I can tell, never get out of the matrix. Climate change belief is part of the matrix. Getting people out of words and back into reality will not be easy, if it can be done at all.



Springtime!  For a bit anyway!