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I have been hesitant to share my life philosophy here, as this is about science. However, I believe the time has come, since I often feel global warming believers think skeptics all drive SUV’s, use all the energy they can and pillage the environment.

I live on 5 acres of land, half of which is left natural. My garden is 2500 square feet (which I pretty much weed by hand). I compost. I grow replacement trees in a tree nursery to replace the ones the deer kill rubbing their antlers on and munching on the branches. My insect control pretty much consists of ducks that I buy in the spring and let run all summer. In the fall, the ducks are either eaten or given away (I don’t do ducks in the winter.) This year, they also produced a large quantity of eggs as a bonus. My lawn is mowed with a walk-behind gas mower, all 2 acres that are mowed. If it’s a wet year, I mow less. The major purpose for mowing is to create a firebreak and so I can see snakes in the yard.

On the subject of snakes, I leave the bull snakes alone if they aren’t too aggressive. Rattlesnakes get relocated, as do raccoons and foxes. Skunks do not. My meat comes from wild game most of the time. The deer enjoy the shade and water of my windbreaks and I enjoy the meat over the winter. The herd pretty much stays the same since over time so things work out well.

As noted in a previous post, I love bugs. I put the wolf spider out in the garden shed rather than smashing him. I move ladybugs out of the way when mowing. In fact, most people consider me weird due to my intense fascination with nature.

For recreation, I have a cabin on 140 acres. There is one road in. No motorized travel is allowed anywhere except on that road. We walk anywhere we go on the property. The cabin is DC wired, and I have DC backup for electrical outages at home. The property is not fenced allowing antelope free run over the property.

As for energy usage, I have a ¾ ton 4WD truck for hauling things and for winter if the road to town is not open. It gets ran maybe once or twice a month. My other cars are economy cars. I have CFLs in about half of my light fixtures—they’re great in a lamp because they don’t use much electricity off the UPS when the electricity pops off. My furnace is 96% efficient. I recycle and reuse most everything. I am fully aware of water usage—I have a well and a septic system.

My other blogs and websites are listed and contain more of my beliefs.

As for global warming, I am a skeptic because I cannot see the high probability claimed by the science that humans and CO2 specifically have that much effect on climate. I am studying it because like everything else in my life, in order to understand and believe, I have to take the thing apart, check how the pieces go together, that no edges have been filed off for fit, and put it back together. Then I know it works. At this point, I’m still pulling the pieces out to see how they are put together. If I find the pieces are all there, not modified and fit back together, I will modify my beliefs. (Note: Much of my information comes from papers written by those researching global warming. If I read a newspaper article and it makes a claim, I go research where that claim came from. If a blog makes a claim, I research that claim also. While I notice that people seem to love to drop “skeptic”, “lukewarmer” and “warmists” labels, I look for blogs that actually have science. Not to say I don’t also check out opinions, but I always research before I decide.)

One other thing: This is a blog to get people thinking. I have found that most of time, the purpose for global warming blogs is to garner in followers. If your goal is to make me believe your way or else, it’s a waste of time to comment here. I follow the science and it may not lead me where you want it to. Just because I don’t agree does not mean I don’t understand.

Scientific badger

Scientific badger appears on my pages in response to the “Angry Badger” on “Watching the Deniers” blog.

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