End of Earth Day

The planet earth was reduced to rubble by the greedy, horrible people of the 21st century, who hated the environment, hated wildlife and loved only themselves. Not the oil industry, not the chemical industry, but the lying scum that pushed the Green New Deal. It was based on greed and destruction and because people were too lazy and uncaring, it killed millions. People starved, froze and died of heat. Fortunately, more died than expected, and the rich, greedy, sure-they-were-immune, died right along with those they murdered. Small patches of humans in very isolated areas did survive and it is hoped that it will take at least a millennium before the evil, greedy, haters again destroy the planet. Perhaps longer, since the greedy, evil hates managed to destroy many themselves too. This was what humans WANTED and PLEADED for and this is what they got. 

Animals extinctions were at the Sixth Extinction level, which was another goal of the evil and greed haters. Since most humans could care less about wildlife, this was very, very easy to achieve. The only animals that survived were the ones the rich and greedy could make money off of—polar bears, elephants, etc. Many animals perished because the rich and greedy killed off all their food covering the planet with wind turbines, solar panels, huge mining operations, poisoned areas due to radiation from rare earth mining and processing, cutting of the forests to keep warm before the millions froze to death due to lack of heating. Clear cutting of 90% of the forests killed of thousands of species of animals as people desperately tried to survive. In the end, the resources ran out and the animals and humans died, as was the plan. The rich and greedy had no way to heat or eat either, and died soon thereafter. It was an appropriate end to a planet that loved money and hated humanity and the world.