Destroy the Earth Day


It’s Earth Day, when science proves religion by agreeing that the earth will end in fire:

Okay, not all religions, but since it’s “the science” the religion it agrees with must be the one true religion.

Some of you may be wondering about “the science” of evolution, which “disproves God”. Well, aside from the fact that the Big Bang doesn’t answer where the original material came from, climate change COMPLETELY NEGATES EVOLUTION!!!! Nothing is allowed to change, nothing is allowed to go extinct, the temperature must NEVER go up or down. Really, Darwin is deader than a doornail at this point. Climate change ended the idea of evolution forever. Perhaps we should thank them for this contribution.

Now, in honor of Earth Day, my furnace is on 74F, my lights are all on, and I’m using as much energy as I can in one day. Long live climate change and Earth Day, when we can all celebrate by using energy without limits!!!