Pandemic, anyone?

I cannot seem to find time to update here.  The Covid insanity is time-consuming, trying to find groceries I need (luckily, I am a plan-ahead person with plenty of non-perishables, but milk, eggs, cheese, etc are a bit difficult.  I do have frozen cheese and eggs.  No frozen milk, though!), and avoiding the MSM drivel.  Much of the time I am struck by how the Covid insanity is so very much like AGW insanity.  There are the models, which are actually waaaayyyy further off than AGW ones (by up to 40 times, in some cases) and it’s so much faster to see how badly the models fail.  Still, people are worried about a freaking virus and figure the apocalypse of CO2 was beat out by said virus and we’re all toast.  Reality is irrelevant.  Fear is all they have.  Worse, we are being literally tormented by the supposedly caring now clearly dictators that run the states.  It’s the biggest ego and power grab I’ve ever seen and worse, people just take it.  I’m positive at this point, CO2 and Covid are absolutely not going to take us out—our own STUPIDITY AND APATHY are.  Hamsters, home watching Netflix and running the treadmill.  Fifty years ago, there would have been protests and no one would have listened.  Not now.  We have lost our humanity.  The good news is, it really doesn’t matter how hot the planet gets, we’ve screwed ourselves.

(Coming next:  Why averages and homogenization are not good for temperatures.)



Humanity ends itself


One comment on “Pandemic, anyone?

  1. Brad says:

    I fear this sets the precedent for future “shut downs” anytime there is a “crisis”.

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