Odds’n’Ends while I work on researching temperature data

Note:  If anyone has a great source for raw temperature data, please post it in the comments section.  Thanks.

From the climate genius Elizabeth Warren–

“What scares me is every time you go back to the scientists, they tell you two things,” the senator said. “It’s worse than we thought, and we have less time.”

Warren is too uneducated and unscientific to see (or too evil to admit she does) this means THE SCIENCE IS WRONG.  If you miss every time, your theory is bad and should be discarded.  I remind people of this all the time.  There is a very, very wrong belief that the theory not predicting cooling is the only proof of a bad theory.  Failure to accurately predict warming—as in “it’s worse than we thought”—is absolutely proof the theory is far from proven or useful.

The kind of climate protest we all would love:


Great photo on American Thinker—apparently from a Twitter thread showing Extinction Rebellion with their heads buried in the sand.  Back in the era of brave and courageous humans, this would have lead to having one’s posterior soundly kicked over and over to illustrate the stupidity of the creature with its head in the sand.  Sadly, I doubt we have the courage to do what is needed.  Sigh.  It does prove they know zip about climate or science.  I guess that’s something….Plus, they’re silent now.  Maybe more protests like this, with photo ops and no speech would be nice.

A word on the wildfires in Australia:

The number one problem is humans—SETTING THE FIRES.  The arson rate for these fires is astronomical.  So when someone says the fires are human caused, agree and state that jailing arsonists might help.  There are articles to the effect that Australia has always had a problem with arson-started fires.  As wide open as the land is, I have no doubt.

When corrected about using climate change without saying “anthropogenic”:

In contemporary vernacular “climate change” has come to mean “catastrophic man made…”

If that’s not your definition, then you are by definition a “denier”.

One of my past slide shows about climate change:


4 comments on “Odds’n’Ends while I work on researching temperature data

  1. Gary—thank you! I’m having fun but the math is sooo hard (just kidding! Barbie I am not!). First thing I see is “AK Utqiaġvik formerly Barrows”—an Obama era PC idiocy. Sigh. Oh well, math is at least for a while not PC, but give it time. Briggs is keeping us up to date on that one!

    I am looking at definitions of temperature, measuring methods, average vs. median, vs mode, full day versus high low, etc for what temperature really means. In the simple days of mercury thermometers, we didn’t have to deal with this stuff. I’d like to believe this is an improvement, but having dealt with blood sugar measurement for nearly 50 years, my degree in chemistry tells me we really are just deluding ourselves! How much we are deluding ourselves is yet to be quantified and presented! (I’m watching a SoClean cleaner for sleep apnea CPAP masks and considering we are now too stupid to clean our equipment with soap and water on our own, so I am not hopeful on the actual outcome of my analysis….)

    Again, thank you!

    • Gary says:

      Sheri, I’m looking at the monthly data for the paired USCRN sites. Kingston RI is the only one showing encroachment at one of the pair. The other sites around the country show offsets but no discontinuities. I expect I will submit it to WUWT when done. I’ve been curious about the hourly data at Kingston to see when the encroachment heating kicks in, but haven’t yet analyzed it.

  2. Gary says:


    Lots of data from the US Climate Reference Network at https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/crn/

    Monthly, daily, hourly, sub-hourly. Temps, solar, precip. Have fun.

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