The New Year

I plan to look at the more technical and scientific aspects of global warming this year.  Temperature measurement will be first.  There are issues like why use min and max, averages, day versus night warming (and how wind turbines can cause artificial warming if a station is near enough—and yes, it matters—what different statistical approaches yield and why claiming the “right” statistics are applied is displaying a huge lack of understanding of statistics.   Also, scientifically, all data must be preserved and presented, not just adjusted data.  The continual use of adjusted temperatures is not science, it’s propaganda.  Results with adjustments AND unadjusted data should be presented.  Reasons for adjustments should be presented, along with numerous studies and clear explanations of why the adjustments occurred.  Only then can we have real science.

Other topics will include problems with modeling, abusive use of science, why 100% agreement is a cult and not science, responses to typical global warming advocate points, and why “it’s worse than we thought” is an admission the science is still in the very early infantile stage.  If there are other topics of interest, you can comment and I will try to address them.  

These posts take considerable research so progress may be a bite slow.  I try to look at all sides and explain why the points are correct or not.  


The official drink of the global warming crew

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