From my blog climate4kids.blogspot.com:

St. Greta was named “person of the year” by Time magazine.  This is honoring a child that skipped school, and scowls at everyone over something she apparently lacks the intellectual capacity to understand.  She shoves the IPCC document in questioner’s faces and yet appears unable to explain any of the science.  Greta may have read the political part of the report (or not), but I seriously doubt she can even begin to understand any of the hundreds of pages of science studies that are supposed to be the foundation of the report.  Think about this—Greta is rewarded for taking away your childhood, depriving you of your education and bullying people who do not agree with her.  Honestly, she behaves as one that hates humanity, not loves it.  Greta wants your life to be sad, empty and without hope.  She wants you to be uneducated.  She wants you bullying everyone who disagrees with you.  WHY?????  Why would any rational person wish that hell on future generations?  Why would Greta despise you so much she steals your childhood?  Why?

Being honored for bullying and trying to destroy the childhoods of others is what Time magazine is praising.  This is the insanity that the climate change propaganda politicians push.  DON’T FALL FOR IT.  

The world is not in more danger from weather/climate than it ever was.  The climate has not changed significantly in well over a century.  Humans cannot stop hurricanes or tornadoes or blizzards or heatwaves.  What humans can do is adapt and thrive.  So be part of the adaptable human race and don’t cower in fear over a truant child honored for dishonoring the human race. Learn the truth and take back/keep your lives and your futures.


Yep, the world seems quite fine!

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