The climate is perfectly normal

This is November 30/December 1 in Wyoming. Lots of snow, lots of wind. Typical for this time of year.


Wading through the snow in search of tasty sagebrush!


The deer that is closest is snow-covered on back. I have seen this several times in the past.
Bambi-ette (a doe) walked in and scratched out a comfy bed.



Next is the new symbol for climate change/global warming:





2 comments on “The climate is perfectly normal

  1. Sheri says:

    I wish these were that shy! You have white-tails, correct? I’ve heard they are less fond of people than mule deer are. These critters sleep right by my front door at times and are always trying to sneak in and eat duck food when we open the shed to get to the bin. They form a line and stare at us, hoping we’ll back down!

  2. Gary says:

    Here in southern New England we have the deer, but they mostly sneak around at night and nibble the shrubbery.

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