Myths that harm

Interesting little aside on the Anointed One, Greta.  Seems she may not have been “discovered” on the steps of the assembly but rather those “discovering” her were sent there.  Climate change may have been her way to the spotlight.  More interesting, she is incapable of answering questions extemporarily.  As long as she has a script, she’s great.  Which means she knows not of that which she speaks, but rather parrots the mantra.  A perfect little actress.

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Santa’s reindeer are female:

One more boorish, hateful female lie.   Both female and male CARIBOU (which is NOT what Santa’s reindeer looked like for decades—they were hybrid deer that had no counterpart in reality) have antlers.  Males shed theirs first.  So, if the reindeer have antlers, logically, it seems they are female.  Again, nothing people won’t believe since their IQ’s are lower than the reindeers.  One theory that explains this is like all other animals, the reindeer have not read or adhered to the ridiculous “scientists” ideas of when to shed antlers (most creatures with antlers don’t really care about “experts” and their ideas anyway.)  Thus, the well-fed, males that never breed and live in a happy all-male paradise, have no reason to drop the antlers “on time”.  However, there another great one that sounds more likely:  “Unlike horns, antlers are shed each year. … Some scientists therefore argue that Rudolph, who is universally depicted in late December with intact antlers, is female. In fact, most of the reindeer used to pull sleds are castrated males – they are easier to handle, and have antler cycles similar to those of the females”.

Now, the SJW’s should be doing the happy dance over that one.  The reindeer remain male and castrated, exactly as Santa and all males should be (or Santa should be female?).  Forget Christmas, Santa, and all.  Just hate everything male and fun.  It’s the SJW way of life and the Green way of life.  As the Borg say, “resistance is futile”.

Really, people, Santa died years ago in a wind turbine accident involving a blinking red light, a meet with Rudolph and a lot of fog.  So, the actual gender of the reindeer does not matter—they were killed by the Greens anyway.  Same for Santa.

A lying, evil, demonic, horrible propaganda BS commercial about polar bears that are NOT ENDANGERED but liars do not care just came on again for the tenth time today (And yes, I despise these evil liars with a passion.  I’d love to see them walk out and offer kale chips to the bear.  It’s the only way to “fix” stupid.)  My TV may not survive the season.  I turn it off because I live in a country where liars and cheats and morons are everywhere.  If you don’t understand why I am angry at the grinch for giving the gifts back, you’re hopelessly drunk on the koolaid.

PS  We gave Santa a nice burial, and the reindeer, after removing him from the wind plant.  We are not heartless.

(I have been a Grinch since I was 12, so I think it’s not going to change.  It’s what happens when you’re a realist.)

Enjoy your holidays in whatever fashion you choose!  I have no objection to you having fun.   You can have that real tree, all the holiday cheer and meat you want.  Go for it!  I’m not a progressive!!!


From my blog

St. Greta was named “person of the year” by Time magazine.  This is honoring a child that skipped school, and scowls at everyone over something she apparently lacks the intellectual capacity to understand.  She shoves the IPCC document in questioner’s faces and yet appears unable to explain any of the science.  Greta may have read the political part of the report (or not), but I seriously doubt she can even begin to understand any of the hundreds of pages of science studies that are supposed to be the foundation of the report.  Think about this—Greta is rewarded for taking away your childhood, depriving you of your education and bullying people who do not agree with her.  Honestly, she behaves as one that hates humanity, not loves it.  Greta wants your life to be sad, empty and without hope.  She wants you to be uneducated.  She wants you bullying everyone who disagrees with you.  WHY?????  Why would any rational person wish that hell on future generations?  Why would Greta despise you so much she steals your childhood?  Why?

Being honored for bullying and trying to destroy the childhoods of others is what Time magazine is praising.  This is the insanity that the climate change propaganda politicians push.  DON’T FALL FOR IT.  

The world is not in more danger from weather/climate than it ever was.  The climate has not changed significantly in well over a century.  Humans cannot stop hurricanes or tornadoes or blizzards or heatwaves.  What humans can do is adapt and thrive.  So be part of the adaptable human race and don’t cower in fear over a truant child honored for dishonoring the human race. Learn the truth and take back/keep your lives and your futures.


Yep, the world seems quite fine!

More science coming!

As noted in a comment on my previous post, I have decided I need to address the issues more and the alarmism less.  I will be taking a hiatus till after the holidays to gather topics and start writing.  If you have any requests, please note them in the comment section.

Have a great Christmas/Holiday/whatever you celebrate (or don’t celebrate)!!


Scientific Badger

The climate is perfectly normal

This is November 30/December 1 in Wyoming. Lots of snow, lots of wind. Typical for this time of year.


Wading through the snow in search of tasty sagebrush!


The deer that is closest is snow-covered on back. I have seen this several times in the past.
Bambi-ette (a doe) walked in and scratched out a comfy bed.



Next is the new symbol for climate change/global warming: