Thanksgiving rant

First, I am thankful I live in a country where I can blog and rant.  Happy Thanksgiving

I was listening to an ad on CBD oil pseudoscience and how to get rich off foolish people. The ad says I should go to the SELLER to find out about whether or not the stuff is useful. Seriously, we have lost our minds when we go to the seller for the “facts”? SELLERS SELL. It’s their job description. Not honestly, not honor, not truth—SELL. It’s little wonder people are following morons like Michael Mann and their kids are having nightmares about Waterworld and drinking their own urine while fighting over tomato plants. The very, very LAST person you listen to is the seller, whether it’s a product or a theory. You read studies when claims of benefits are being made—NOT ANECDOTES. You read all sides on politics. You check on BOTH sides of an academic question like Waterworld Earth and the coming death by heat (didn’t the Bible say death by fire? Hmmmmmm.) before you push your kid to suicide or medicate them for depression YOU gave them. IF you’re a rational, intelligent person. Yeah, that’s the catch. People are stupid and emotional. Gypsy wagon fake cures sell at record speed over the internet. I often bet I could have sold dirt in capsules if I called it a natural mineral supplement. It would also work to add food coloring, ground carrots and ground broccoli and call it a superfood.  People are seriously that stupid and apathetic. Slap “sustainable” or “natural” or “organic” on a label and the fools will buy arsenic for dinner. There’s no thought process in this.

There is an ad out there talking about “the little blue planet”. I said something during the commercial about “this is a mattress commercial” and my husband said “What? Mattress?” Yes, and NEVER is the name of the mattress said in the entire commercial. It’s only shown on the last screen. The mattress is “organic wool (I’m itching all over at that—I’m allergic to chemical AND organic wool. Wait, organic wool? The sheep are feed organic, they free-range and they bathe them to keep nasty chemicals off them?), organic cotton (because we LOVE boll weevils destroying cotton crops) and organic latex (sounds kinky, doesn’t it?). Oh, there’s that latex allergy thing—not me, but a whole bunch of people out there. Then they are hand-made in LA (city of feces on the streets). They are “climate neutral”, again an appeal to “THE REALLY STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE”. Luckily, maybe many people are out of the room and miss the name on the screen or are having flashbacks to pot and the 60’s while the name is displayed.

Worse, there’s a vegan mattress. As another blogger I read says “THE STUPID, IT BURNS”.

Cost for matress:
With 100% natural latex, 100% GOTS organic certified wool & cotton and up to 1,414 support coils and a price of $1,399 for a queen and another $400 for the pillow top option, it’s a great buy. (
Rich, stupid, mindless fools. Personally, if someone breaks out from the latex and wool, I see lawsuits right and left. I mean, nature is not supposed to hurt you, right?????
Humanity deserves extinction.
Unless Hell freezes over, I’m sticking with my NON-ORGANIC waterbed. I will never, never, never purchase from these idiots and charlatans. They come in right behind class-action Satan minions that sue Monsanto.

Creepy, dishonest, probably-not-someone-to-fly with EasyJet airline will be using creative accounting to pretend they are not producing carbon dioxide emissions. Again, stupid people will fall for this. If only Americans understood language and math-or reality, for that matter.

In other news, Kanye West continues his crusade to destroy what makes Wyoming special by buying a second ranch to pillage. He’s already got bulldozers cutting up the first one for a 70,000 sq foot amphitheater. Who knows what follows? Cody will soon be a rich haven of liberals, much like Jackson. Yes, Kanye likes Trump and for now preaches responsibility, except, of course, his own. HE behaves like he is God, almost literally—while he preaches Christianity, it’s reported he wants to change his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire” (which I hope is not true). If we are looking at who to blame for destroying the planet, check out the millionaires and billionaires. Much like Anschutz in Colorado, they rape and pillage land, while keeping their own thousands of acres beautiful and scenic. I realize this is not fixable. Human greed and stupidity goes back to the beginning of humanity. I was chewed out once for not forcefully opposing this, but honestly, the rich are going to pillage and plunder and no one can fix that. It’s who they are and what they are, from the days of the range wars and railroads, back to the Aztecs and Incas, humans pillage and plunder. They acquire and transform. In the past, humans simply destroyed resources to keep others out. It’s not so blatant as it was in the past, but it’s still there. Bloomberg, Steyer, and their likes destroy to keep themselves rich and everyone else poor. It’s their platform for kingship—oops, presidency. Maybe emperor…..My guess is Kanye will cause a lot of destruction, totally change Cody from a “western town” to a manufacturing and wealthy haven then leave the state. Wyoming loses but you can’t stop this kind of behavior. Wealth is power and the wealthy do not care what they damage or change, as long as THEY feel good about themselves. It’s how humans are. Changing it would be like changing lions to herbivores.

Update: In an amazing show of common sense, Park County denied Kanye the permit for the ampitheater when a request to add residential space was attached. Someone must have realized the likelihood that Kanye intends to build Cody into an area in the image of his dreams while destroying the whole area. We will watch how long this lasts. Kanye was also ordered to stop the dirt work already began, clearing with bulldozers, etc. Now, Kanye can reapply and judging from the idiots in local media, this will happen. Wyoming has the backbone of a jellyfish.

Bernie says we should consider prosecuting fossil fuel companies. Okay, if the morons at the fossil fuel companies don’t shut off all gas and oil immediately and shut this garbage down, the children and grandchildren of today deserve to live in the nightmare coming. Of course, since people are idiots, that won’t happen. Better to let the government parasites slowly kill you than actually take action. I always think of the song “Wishing and Hoping”. Teen age girls can possibly be excused for falling for that drivel, but adults? Nope, it’s hatred for humanity and the hope they can cut and run.

While this is a rant, it’s accurate and necessary. “Head-in-the-sand” is “dead-in-the-sand” and I cannot participate in such idiocy.


Happy Global warming!!!
(A representative photo)