Now Joshua trees are going to die.  That is the chant of global warming fools—We’re all going to DIIIIIIIEEEEE!  It has reached the level of clinical insanity.  These people no longer have touch with reality.  The article did not say if any Joshua trees have actually died or how many if some did, but they ARE going to and only humans destroying themselves can save the trees.  Of course, humans destroying themselves is the solution to all “problems” in the environment……

And don’t forget the alpine lake that tells us “We’re all going to DIIIIIEEEE!”  Who knew such a tiny amount of CO2 could kill us all? “Speaking to IFLScience, Mestre described the conditions of the climb as “quite chaotic” as the heatwave was affecting different parts of the mountain range at different altitudes Hiker Found This Beautiful Lake In The Alps. There’s Just One Small Problem”  Notice that different parts of the mountain are affected differently, clearly indicating that MORE than one factor is involved, but don’t let facts interfere with climate hysteria.

Why isn’t climate change blamed for NEW species and humans admonished for messing with nature?  If global warming can wipe out a species, surely, it can create one.  Since humans would be responsible, the new species would be a horrible thing and should be decried.  New mantra:  STOP global warming now before we are inundated with new species.  

Now the intellectually vacant employees at the National Weather service are baking biscuits in cars (pop can ones judging from the picture).  Of course, it takes FOUR hours and only a complete fool would do this, or someone overpaid with too much time on their hands.  (It takes 15 minutes in an oven).  I’m waiting for the very foolish out there to try this with a roast.  The ER will appreciate the business.  Funny, environmentalists LOVE the idea of making people in Third World countries cook this way.  I can’t really figure out if this stunt is to scare the USA as to how “hot” it is, or push the idea of solar ovens as the wave of the future.

Back once again to the disclaimer on YouTube about scientists believing in global warming therefore it must be real:  YouTube–YOU LIE AND CENSOR WHATEVER YOU DON’T LIKE, SO WE DO NOT CARE what you say or what disclaimers you add.  Got it?????

I read on WUWT that the enviros are coming after my toilet paper.  Yeah, a brilliant idea trying to shame me concerning toilet paper.  If I didn’t already majorly dislike these people, this would certainly induce massive hatred of them.  Send them somewhere this is no toilet paper and let them live happily ever after.  Just leave me alone.  

All of the “climate crisis” is based on Darwin being wrong.  It assumes organisms cannot adapt and will die if subjected to changes, especially rapid ones.  After decades of trying to disprove and/or question Darwin’s theory, who knew climate science would be the death blow to Darwin’s theory?

“Bioplastics support a rural, agrarian economy.”  From an article Nov 2018 in national geographic.  So is the author trying to find a way to keep poor farmers poor and on the farm (you know, like barefoot and in the kitchen for women) or saying when we have no power under renewable mandates and society collapses, rural people can grow corn for plastic?  This assumes no starving hordes and that in a rural, agrarian society, someone would actually want or need bioplastics, which is highly unlikely.  Either way, it seems condescending and probably not somewhere we want to go.

Headline:  SCIENTISTS WHO STUDIED CANDIDA AURIS FUNGUS WARN GLOBAL WARMING MAY LEAD TO DISEASES ‘WE DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT RIGHT NOW’  Living leads to diseases we don’t know about now.  So unless we all want to die, we’re going to have to deal with these things no matter what the climate.

Saw my 100,000th view of the Destroy Monsanto and kill millions by starvation in the USA  (Europe is already trying to starve people) commercial.  It’s about greedy, money-worshipping demons suing and finding 12 uneducated losers who hate Monsanto and will give millions to some “victim” of which 95% will go to the demon spawn that sued and the IRS.  You can’t fix stupid or greed.  However, next time someone complains about bloggers not being climate scientists, point out that  uneducated losers vote on science and award millions to people who used Roundup.  If we are going to allow fools to control millions and destroy lives, based on emotion and stupidity only, then bloggers are FULLY qualified to comment on global warming and to affect policy and public opinion.  They are many levels above the jurors as far as intellect and learning goes.  So, unless these complainers who demand qualifications randomly are willing to condemn ALL lawsuits that simply steal from corporations, we do not care about their opinions.  Sorry, but being inconsistent means you are NOT SCIENTIFIC.


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