Human Sacrifice will save us from Extreme Weather

It’s official.  Sacrificing humans will save the planet.  Trudeau of Canada says so:

“We need to be taking real action to prevent climate change. That’s why we’re moving forward on a price on pollution right across the country, despite the fact that Conservative politicians are trying to push back against that.”

See, human sacrifice will save the Canadians, and presumably the rest of us from extreme weather.  Slap on that carbon taxes and magically, no more tornadoes, floods or wildfires.  Sacrifice all human progress for the last 100 years and we’re gold. In a couple of years, I would guess.  I mean, it’s the solution, it shouldn’t take decades to work, right?  When they tossed virgins into the volcanoes, all the bad stuff stopped immediately, didn’t it?  So bleeding ourselves dry economically back to the stone age should easily cure weather in a minimum of two years.  Maybe less if we tear down the buildings that were built to the false idol of progress.  You can never appease the climate gods with too many human sacrifices.