What do you think?

Climate versus weather:

A common statement is “weather is not climate”. However, climate IS weather, or the average thereof. The temperature change one hears about is the anomaly from a 30 year average of min/max temperature from multiple stations. This data is then homogenized (not like milk though!) the the anomaly shows the difference between the calculated average for the period and the 30 year base period it is compared to. Thus, weather IS climate in the sense that it supplies all the building blocks for the calculation of “climate”.

Think of it this way. You have a castle built of Legos. The Legos are not the castle, they are the building blocks. The castle is not the individual blocks, it’s the sum of them as constructed. They are different but 100% inseparable items, from the “climate” view. You can have the Legos and not castle but without the Legos, there is no castle. If you change the colors of the Legos, you change the castle. The castle does not change the color of the Legos. Small changes may not be noticeable, large ones will be. 

Individual large changes in the temperatures globally will change the climate average–both hot and cold temperatures. More “heat waves” and “cold waves”can affect the average anomalies or cancel each other out. However, it should have an effect. If it does not, then what is “climate change”? A calculated number with zero connection to reality?

This is why when we talk about climate change it is not possible to predict change in the weather as a result. The only thing that is said is “may” or “might”. Even still, virtually none of these things could happen or all could. We just do not know. Not knowing means that climate change cannot be solved nor can the risk be accessed. Weather is the ONLY thing we live in, NOT climate.

2 comments on “What do you think?

  1. DMA says:

    Having read this post back in December it came to mind as I discussed “the climate change crises” recently. I decided to ask acquaintances to explain this phrase we keep seeing in the political news coverage. So far no one has a good handle on it. Most don’t have a working description of climate. Most equate climate change with anthropogenic climate change. Some say “It’s warmer than years ago . I remember….”. But the most interesting thing I have been hearing is “Well I don’t think it’s all it has been blown up to be in the media. It just doesn’t seem(smell, compute, feel) right.” No one so far has heard of Richard Lindzen or Judith Curry but all recognize Michael Mann as having something to do with it. Your last sentence does not seem to have much to play in most folks thoughts on climate but, maybe subconsciously, activates their native skepticism of doom predictors.

    Thank you for your infrequent but lucid thoughts here.

    • Sheri says:

      Thank you for your kind remarks. I appreciate the feedback. I will crosspost the climate article for my children’s blog when I finish it.

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