And it begins

With the advent of the “horrible hurricane” season, the enviros are actually salivating over the prospect of death and destruction.  It is incredibly evil to actually wish for and celebrate the death and destruction of human beings, yet the global warming believers throw parties every time the weather kills people.  I swear there is a glint in their eyes and they can’t wait for the champagne and party to celebrate death and destruction.  Can you think of anything more evil?

The completely brain-dead media is out being soooooo happy that this event will make Trump look bad, caring nothing about who is killed or injured, who loses their homes, their livelihoods, etc.  The media is happy you are going to suffer and suffer a lot. Anything that helps take out Trump and can be used to lie about climate and weather makes them sooooo happy.  Again, what horrible evil creatures these people are.

No one should be happy a hurricane is hitting anywhere.  Realists know that hurricanes are a part of life.  They must be dealt with, but they are not to be celebrated.  We need to help the people who are hit by the disaster and work to make the homes and areas as hurricane resistant as possible, realizing that sometimes weather just bests us and we can do nothing about it.

It is repulsive that the global warming believers are so enamored with the destruction of human beings by weather events while lying about wanting to save human beings by “fighting” global warming.  You don’t celebrate the destruction of what you want to save.