Was reading WUWT —on greens believing they have a moral license to pollute (according to a study by a University of Michigan psychologist). I disagree somewhat. The problem is progressives, which includes most greens, believe WORDS are all that one needs use to solve a problem. Action is not called for. Yes, there are complaints if nothing is done, but really, nothing is ever done. If action to solve the problem is proposed, it’s rejected. Action is anti-progressives. WORDS—that is what all of the greens are for. NO action whatsoever, except maybe writing checks. Of course, there’s no action other than writing the checks and the money can go to anything. No questions asked. Understand—greens are about WORDS, not actions. Like much of the planet, they do not live in the real world, but rather one they created with their words. The real world is then what they say. What they do does not exist. It’s a variation, perhaps, on doublethink, or a variation on the behavior of those like Kim Jung-Un who rule by using words to create the reality his people live in. If you allow no words other than your own, or ridicule anyone who contradicts your words, you own the population or the believers. It’s a time-honored way of running a cult, dictatorship or communist country. The US has destroyed most of science using words and only words. Thousands of them in alarmist style written or said over ONE study that is later contradicted. I swear I heard Dr. Oz say red meat is okay again. Again????? So science really is clueless? (I can’t stand to watch him, so I’m not sure where he went with the whole idea—it may be May 7th show, not sure.)

At the hardware store yesterday, the young clerk was telling me my aspen swamp cooler pads were made with left-over aspen from other processing. That made them better for the environment than the plastic blue pads. I agreed, but explained to her that the major reason I use the aspen pads is they WORK. The blue pads were a complete disaster for me. Took two swamp coolers to cool the house. With aspen, one works. I agreed that it was a good idea to use what we could that was environmentally friendly (the aspen biodegrades, the blue ones don’t) when possible. I also use the ecobricks (compressed sawdust) in my wood stove. The clerk was very into this “good for the planet” thing and I’m hoping she also understood that it’s only good if it works. At least she seemed to actually act on her beliefs, explaining why the aspen pads were good, and encouraging their use. It’s more than you get from many people.

I loved the Matrix trilogy, except the idea that in the end, we might get out of the matrix. No, once you sell your soul to WORDS and live in a false reality, you don’t come back. Natural consequences—death, war, famine, etc—may eventually bring people around again, but people on their own, so far as I can tell, never get out of the matrix. Climate change belief is part of the matrix. Getting people out of words and back into reality will not be easy, if it can be done at all.



Springtime!  For a bit anyway!