Warm makes cold makes snow

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!! Global warming is going to cause massive freezing, many feet of snow, crop failures due to early frost, energy poverty world wide. How can that be, you ask? Magic—no really, magic. That’s how global warming works. Magic. You add more heat to a system and you get more cold, even though the overall average never goes down. Magic. Suddenly, global warming just makes things move around—more cold here, more heat there. So unlike the claim made for CO2, global warming is not evenly distributed around the globe. So in some places all that CO2 makes it hot and other places it makes it cold, even with the reradiating warming things. How? Magic. Even with brutal winters, the global temperature anomaly from the average of all stations after adjustments and estimates continues to go up. Okay, that one’s not magic, just great fudging of data. What?!?!? You say scientists fudge data? Well, yeah, they do. They are human, they like their house, their nice car, their job and the boss wants global warming to be true. So it is, one way or another.

The true believer sees nothing wrong with these logical inconsistencies. He would see something wrong in any other logical inconsistency, but not his heart-felt belief system. Of course, that is not science, but long ago many recognized that global warming was anything but science. The believers just throw in voting for the truth in science (that 97% thing) and “basic physics” (which requires a super computer to run all the “simple” parts) hoping you’re a clueless pushover and will jump to their belief system. If you don’t, you’re a denier, a bad person, need to be jailed. Yep, that’s how scientists always talk. No need for the truth—just jail all opponents. Wait, didn’t they complain about Galileo? Yes, I believe they did. Hypocrisy added to the list. Science does not include hypocrisy—belief systems do.

It’s weather, they say. Really, then why are heat waves NOT weather? At least every time a heat wave happens, it’s climate change. How can it be weather when EVERYTHING is due to climate change? It HAS to be affected by climate change—that’s the rule. Climate is the average of the weather in an area over three or so decades. But weather is also climate change because climate change affects everything so climate change affects climate change. Or something like that. It kind of gets circular at this point, A proving B proving B proving A proving C proving B…..You get the idea. How any rational human being falls for this, I cannot say. I guess some people really loved the guy on the sidewalk with the sign that said “the end is near” and this is their way of replacing him.



Global warming buries the dog ramp

3 comments on “Warm makes cold makes snow

  1. DMA says:

    It’s not just magic. It’s not just magic CO2. The magic is vested in the CO2 from fossil fuels so it must be part of the fuel that is released when it is burned. But not just when it is burned but how it is burned. The coal seam south of Livingston that caught fire from lightening did not release any magic imbued CO2. But coal from the same seam that heated our cabin had the ability to heat or cool the atmosphere or ocean, cause a tornado or a drought or too much rain. And it is in fact black magic(it is in the coal right?) because it cannot cause mild breezes or warm spring days or any condition conducive to well being of humans or the environment. However,it is such a powerful magic that it can cause these desirable things but only if it is not burned by people. The more of it we don’t burn the nicer it will get.
    So whats not rational about that?

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