It’s Christmas time again

I read that that the various MSM suspects are out warning about Santa and global warming:

Laplanders are being affected by climate change due to more warming than elsewhere, reindeer pulling a heavy sleigh are emitting too much methane, and Santa is moving to the south pole, complete with an announcement that Santa has signed an agreement to relocate, making him a climate refugee and one paper saying belief in Santa may help children think counterfactually due to belief in flying reindeer (I think that last one is a positive, but not sure). Last year, reindeer were shrinking due to climate change.  All of this overlooks the fact that Santa built a workshop on floating ice out in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t see how global warming is a big deal to him, but who am I to say?

So, once again, this is the real threat to Santa Claus due to the global warming scam:


Happy Holidays.

Odds n Ends, bits and pieces

There is a constant claim that oil companies are squelching climate change. Total lie. 100%. First, oil gets much money from those useless wind and solar plants, enough that NextEra power built a natural gas plant next to the Everglades basically for free, courtesy of the robbing of taxpayers for “renewables”. Second, they can stop wind, solar and “leave it in the ground” dead in a week. Shut down ALL sale of oil, gas and fossil fuels immediately. Right now, today, this hour. The problem is solved. However, this is not happening. Therefore, it is PROOF that oil and gas are not opposed to climate change research. The whole “Big Oil” is just stupidity on the part of global warming believers and indicative of the fact that many do not think at all, just emote and dredge up conspiracy theories. Big Oil can shut them down NOW. It doesn’t. It does not want to.

People often use a horse and buggy analogy and call people backward and wanting to hinder progress when it comes to switching to electric cars. The analogy is totally incorrect. Proper analogy: First, electric cars are still cars in every way except the engine. They have 4 doors, windshields, etc. Horse and buggy to cars in NOTHING like that and only a very uneducated, foolish person would make such a comparison. One could conceivably state that changing to a western saddle versus an english saddle for horseback riding was somewhat similar. That was still a horse, still a rider, but a different saddle. Maybe the change from stick shift to automatic transmissions would be close. Or those ABS brakes that are so annoying to those of us who learned to drive before the advent thereof. Whatever the analogy, it CANNOT include two very different items. Electric versus gas cars is NOT two different things. It’s ONE car, two engine choices. It’s not monumental, it’s not a quantum leap. It may turn out to be liker laser disks or Betamax or any of thousands of failed ideas, assuming we can keep the government out of the picture. It’s not at all about progress—it’s DIFFERENT, not necessarily BETTER. That is a separate issue.


Belief in global warming is the belief that humans control the weather. Sure, SKS and other bloggers and climate researchers scream “weather and climate are not the same”. That is true. Climate is the average of weather. Average the data, then the anomaly from the average is calculated and we get the anomaly from the GAT (a mysterious number whose value is difficult to locate and may vary from source to source). Then, we get “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” thereafter. Or something like that.

Calculating average: a+b+c+d/4=e To change e, you must change a, b, c, d or one or all of these. A, b,c, and d are weather when we talk climate change. The only way to change the climate is to change the weather. Yes, I know they average, homogenized, estimate and so forth. But bottom line, the only way to change the climate is to change the weather. To fix global warming, we must be able to change the weather. You can dance around it all you like, but bottom line, that’s what has to happen.

I read it has snowed in all 50 states now—earlier than in the past. Yet all we hear about are hurricanes and wildfires. Why is there nothing on earlier snow? Why no discussion of the jet stream freezing the East coast? Oh, because it wouldn’t play well in Al Gore’s movies? Yes, that’s probably it. So much for science….(I’m not saying cooling proves anything. I’m saying the media is BIASED to the point that any impartiality is probably a chance happening.)