1984 and a new “illness”

From 1984 (the book):

“Winston practices ‘crimestop,’a Newspeak term for the automatic process by which the mind stops any dangerous thought.

“Crimestop refers to the ability to stop short of any thought that might be heretical or unorthodox before it is even thought, as if by instinct. It is the ability to misunderstand analogies, fail to perceive logical errors, and be repelled or bored by any train of thought or conversation that might” run counter to the government consensus.

Crimestop is not stupidity, or at least not natural stupidity. It is the ability to deliberately retard one’s own intelligence, and, of course, to forget the process of doing it by doublethink.

This describes some global warming believers perfectly.  They have only one argument, that of argument from authority.  It is literally inconceivable to them that anyone would go against consensus.  Any interactions with them are designed to humiliate or insult or bully the speaker into joining the consensus.  They are truly frightened by those who don’t follow the consensus line.


Drama Delirium Infectus

Global warming activists would make high school drama queens blush. They make the women with the “vapors” look perfectly rational and fine. The level of angst and drama is at an historic high. Even the male of the species has been stricken with the affliction—drama delirium infectus. The illness runs rampant in the global warming community. It is unknown whether the affliction is contagious, but it is certain it can be faked to avoid being labelled a denier or an outcast. No cure is in sight and with the “hockey stick” of infection intensity still rising, no one can predict how widespread the affliction will become.

Another symptom of drama delirium infectus is the inability to understand why claiming warming causes cooling is a problem. Of course, the usual answer is “Climate does not change evenly everywhere”. Really? I though global warming meant the globe got warmer. That’s what the term means. If it in reality means that some places will get hotter, some colder, some drier, etc, then it means the climate will be as it always has been—changing over time. That would mean that global warming is just nature and we should not worry. NO! That can’t be. It’s important that the globe is warming. Using a mathematical average of widely varying inputs, interpolations and extrapolations, corrections and so forth, there is an increase of nearly one degree in the average over 100 years time. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean climate is getting hotter, because some places are colder. Some are drier, some are wetter. Climate as usual. Only one infected with DDI could see things behaving as they always have as a threat to humanity and somehow an insidiously changed environment. It is very sad that these people are incapable of ever experiencing life without fear.

Call me when it’s safe out there.