DeSmog and Climate Hustle

Interesting comments from DeSmog blog on Climate Hustle:

(Climate Hustle premieres tonight in select theaters.)

“I was given the same story by CFACT’s executive director Craig Rucker, who also cited a fire marshal excuse about the theatre’s capacity.”  (from the writeup)
Apparently, DeSmog blog has no concern for fire marshal rules?

There is endless complaining about being “shut out”. Really? Shoe’s on the other foot here and there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth? DeSmog can dish it out but not take it? I’m shocked, I say, shocked. Same for any insults flung out by Morano. Somehow global warming believers feel completely justified in calling Morano a “denier” and insulting and threatening him, but when their own behaviour is applied to themselves, one gets a lot of whining and crying like small children.

The “hottest year ever” comes up—news flash: Hottest year ever means nothing. There were many “hottest year evers” and there may be many more. Take any point on the graph where the temperature was hotter than any in the past and you have “hottest year ever”. For example, in this graph:


1940 was the hottest year ever, then temperature went down, then 1980, 1981, etc are all “hottest year ever”. It’s a maximum that can come and go. It means nothing, even if human beings love to think it does. It’s like tallest and shortest, oldest, fastest. Heck they have a whole book on world records, none of which “mean” anything and are broken all the time. There were “coldest year ever” events all along, yet those seem to mean nothing? Why not? Coldest should be as important as hottest if it’s just the record that is important. Looks like somewhere around 1910 was “coldest year ever” yet no catastrophes happened from that. All just word play, nothing more.

There is a clear attempt to convince people this is not an important movie, yet the global warming community does not seem to be able to stop bringing it up and dismissing it as bad. If it really is that bad, why worry about it? Bad movies fade on their own. Maybe it’s not a bad movie????

I note that NO comments were allowed. Interesting—seems DeSmog is just about as open as they complained about Morano being.

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