Here we go again

Real Science has a post showing a newspaper from 1934 asking if the Arctic is melting and the Statue of Liberty will be partially submerged, followed by a headline from March 2016 with a similar story.

There’s an even more similar claim here:

It’s just a constant recycling of claims of impending doom.  The cartoons of people who stood on the sidewalk with signs saying “The End is Near” are being crowded out by the “scientists” of doom, global warming soothsayers.

For all our technology, we are just as gullible as those who sacrificed virgins to their gods in the hopes of getting rain, bought magic elixirs from traveling salesmen and bought plans for perpetual motion machines.  Human beings seem hopelessly mired in wishful thinking and what they wish for the most is their own demise, it seems.  And there’s always someone there to sell them the plans.

Call me when it’s safe out there.

Strolling through the internet wasteland of Warmists comments

I have gathered some of the more common responses by followers of the “global warming science”.  There’s no evidence of science, of course, but said persons are very persistent.  If only they had a clue what global warming is about and could actually articulate it.

You are one foul putrid pile of stench.

You’re a putrid piece of drek. A joke.

Your foul stench keeps growing.

Acquiesce and move on as I need a smarter, more competent, honest and knowledgeable opponent grounded in reality as a minimum and not a delusional gullible and easily duped nescient cretin like you. Now go play charades with other friends.

More lies and tantrums from you.
Your stench keeps growing.

Science requires no belief. if you weren’t a poseur you’d know that. Your comments and science “knowledge” indicate that you’re either a pernicious fool or a perfidious charlatan. Pick one.

More outright lies from you.

More childishly dishonest incoherent gibberish from you.
The last several comments I’ve posted have consisted of clear and unequivocal statements and conclusion of the overwhelming consensus of scientists about global warming including the following from the IPCC:
The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report stated that…..
(Note the “educated” warming believer is cutting and pasting from an old version of the IPCC report. He’s seven years behind the data.)

Revel in the anonymity of the internets that affords you delusions of grandeur about your education. You are no chemist, you’re an ignorant poseur.

Your entire non-argument consists of tantrums and insults….and outright lies and stupidity claiming global warming isn’t supported by science.
National and international science academies and scientific societies have assessed current scientific opinion on global warming. These assessments are generally consistent with the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report stated that:
(Note that he says “opinion”, probably by mistake. He’s using IPCC Fourth Assessment here, too. Not sure if he knows there’s a five…)

Repeating your tantrums makes your stench even worse.
Below are links to documents and statements attesting to this consensus.
(Arguing we vote for scientific truth and only the scientists whose salaries depend on agreeing with the theory get to vote.)

“This is truly a historic moment,” the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said in an interview. “For the first time, we have a truly universal agreement on climate change, one of the most crucial problems on earth.”
(Arguing that politics are what determine science, again.)

Your comments and science “knowledge” indicate that you’re either a pernicious fool or a perfidious charlatan. Pick one.
(Second time said person used this statement—no originality.)

Your usual incoherent gibberish.
No…the Pope’s statement about global warming has nothing to do with Catholic Church doctrine.

More unhinged incoherent garbage from you.

Get psychiatric help.

Like a jerk with a single digit IQ.
You’re a joke.
(I pointed out that someone with a single digit IQ could not type on the computer, but the “extemely knowledgable” commenter was unfazed.)

You’re like a small child.

You’re not a scientist. You’re a layperson who hasn’t the foggiest idea how science works and are just repeating nihilism in order to justify your own ideological predispositions.

And scientists the world over unanimously agree that AGW is a real threat.

You do realize that climate and weather aren’t the same thing, right?
(However, it is ridiculous to argue this way, since climate is weather averaged over a long period. They are absolutely intertwined. You cannot have climate without weather and weather directly affects climate.)

99% of the comments – on every article – on this website – are totally idiotic.

This isn’t trolling. This is calling it as it is.

My very favorite:

****You’re wrong because it is obvious you have never taken a science class. Scientific theory trumps all laws and scientific facts which are used to develop the theories. It is true science is the best explanation but not necessarily the truth. The truth will never be known. AGW is scientific theory with 100% consensus among all current climate science researchers who publish their findings.

Who knew facts and scientific law were trumped by theory.  Then there’s the 100%—ever Cook was content with 97%.  The complete ignorance is mind-boggling.


I cant’ take it anymore……

DeSmog and Climate Hustle

Interesting comments from DeSmog blog on Climate Hustle:

(Climate Hustle premieres tonight in select theaters.)

“I was given the same story by CFACT’s executive director Craig Rucker, who also cited a fire marshal excuse about the theatre’s capacity.”  (from the writeup)
Apparently, DeSmog blog has no concern for fire marshal rules?

There is endless complaining about being “shut out”. Really? Shoe’s on the other foot here and there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth? DeSmog can dish it out but not take it? I’m shocked, I say, shocked. Same for any insults flung out by Morano. Somehow global warming believers feel completely justified in calling Morano a “denier” and insulting and threatening him, but when their own behaviour is applied to themselves, one gets a lot of whining and crying like small children.

The “hottest year ever” comes up—news flash: Hottest year ever means nothing. There were many “hottest year evers” and there may be many more. Take any point on the graph where the temperature was hotter than any in the past and you have “hottest year ever”. For example, in this graph:


1940 was the hottest year ever, then temperature went down, then 1980, 1981, etc are all “hottest year ever”. It’s a maximum that can come and go. It means nothing, even if human beings love to think it does. It’s like tallest and shortest, oldest, fastest. Heck they have a whole book on world records, none of which “mean” anything and are broken all the time. There were “coldest year ever” events all along, yet those seem to mean nothing? Why not? Coldest should be as important as hottest if it’s just the record that is important. Looks like somewhere around 1910 was “coldest year ever” yet no catastrophes happened from that. All just word play, nothing more.

There is a clear attempt to convince people this is not an important movie, yet the global warming community does not seem to be able to stop bringing it up and dismissing it as bad. If it really is that bad, why worry about it? Bad movies fade on their own. Maybe it’s not a bad movie????

I note that NO comments were allowed. Interesting—seems DeSmog is just about as open as they complained about Morano being.