Nature that never changes

Nature that never changes TM is the correct term for the global warming movement. In searching for what best describes the alledged goals of the movement, it seems the goal is indeed nature never ever changing. If the average degrees calculated for the planet varies by .05 degrees, the apocalypse is near. If two glaciers melt, they all will and we’re all going to die. If one species goes exitinct, they all will. Nothing can change. EVER. The world must remain in complete stasis. No extinctions, no more, no less storms that last year and the year before. Nor more snow, no less snow. It must all remain the same. Weather change change, so long as the average does not. The average can never change. Winters cannot be warmer, summers colder. The average cannot change.

It’s a win-win for the global warming crowd.  Nature cannot, will not and never has remained constant, especially to the thousanths of a degree.  No matter what humans do, the climate will change, sometimes warmer, sometimes colder, sometimes warming quickly, sometimes cooling quickly.  No matter what happens, nature will not remain static.  Which then “proves” that if humans were not burning fossil fuels, the climate would be stable as it “should” be.  Humans have decided they know exactly what the climate “should” be and are trying to impose that belief on nature.  Problem is, nature doesn’t care.

There exists no scientific solution to global warming, since “solving” it would mean nature never changes.  The only way for that to happen is to build a huge dome and live inside it.  Even then, there may be problems with species dying out, etc.  The belief, however, is perfect for demanding control over every human being on the planet in a vain attempt to make nature what it is not.



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