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Today’s updates: (I’ve been very busy and not able to get to blogging as of late. I have disappeared!)

From the Sydney Morning Herald—”Australia’s bush fire preparedness under threat as climate change kicks in”
Preparedness for wildfires is not dependent on climate change. It being hot and dry can make fighting the fires more difficult, especially high winds (our landfill managed to burn down 12 houses in high wind—and they are the “authorities” who should have known better). Keeping vegetation cut and aggressively fighting small fires are two of the best ways to avoid wildfires. Yet environmentalist demand underbrush not be cut—it’s as if they want people’s homes to burn down as punishment for some unproven slight against nature. When one wants fire to destroy lives and homes, there’s little anyone can do to control fires, irregardless of the climate or the weather.



Climate change is behind violence in the Middle East: There’s nothing to say here—it is a completely irrational statement and anyone making it should be considered so far out of touch with reality as to be certifiably insane. Weather, climate, nature do not cause wars. Food shortages used to, but in this century, there’s plenty of food. The desire for power is what causes wars. Warlords want territory and to annihilate all who oppose them. Climate has NOTHING to do with it and only idiots say things like that. (Yes, idiot is the only word that fits here. It’s not an insult—it’s an accurate term that is properly used.)
Also, all claims that climate change “caused” this or that are subject to question since there has been no statistically significant warming in the last 18 years. Winters have actually gotten colder and snowier (seems snow is not a thing of the past after all). So global warming cannot be causing this because the globe is not warming.

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