Bill Gates advocates socialism

Another “I have mine, I’m rich and I don’t care a wit about you.  I don’t have to.  I am rich and you will NEVER be rich if I have  anything to say about it.  So go away and leave my money and me alone.”

Bill Gates is claiming only socialism can save us from global warming (a nonexistent threat but a great way to steal money from the working peasants out there).

If anyone out there thinks Bill Gates cares anything at all about the little guy is deluded.  Why people fall for the idiocy and lies I do not understand.  How can rational person believe a billionaire who got to be a billionaire entirely under CAPITALISM actually believes in socialism, unless he’s making sure he stays rich and no one else ever gets there?

Call me when it's safe out there.

Call me when it’s safe out there.

2 comments on “Bill Gates advocates socialism

  1. Gary says:

    I’ve heard the story that Gates’ philanthropy was totally absent until his mother figuratively dope-slapped him and told him to stop being so stingy. Given his life of privilege and innate intelligence, it’s not surprising that he might be clueless about some things a normal (well, traditional circa 1950s) upbringing might instill.

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