Conspiracies and Fantasies

Once again, verification that global warming believers are indeed conspiracy theorists–Sheldon Whitehouse and his RICO act and all those defending him.
From the Huffington Post: The Wall Street Journal piece also notes that my previous Washington Post op-ed “cited Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who has published politically inconvenient research on changes in solar radiation.” Not noted by the Journal: Dr. Soon reportedly received more than half of his funding from big fossil fuel interests like Exxon-Mobile and the Charles G. Koch Foundation, to the tune of $1.2 million. Some of Dr. Soon’s research contracts gave his industry backers a chance to see what he was doing “for comment and input” before he published it.

Really? I suppose that then too applies to the new IPCC chairman (not a scientist, of course but an economist) who worked for Exxon Mobil at one time. Is no one quaking in fear that this is an industry plant and the IPCC will suddenly start backing off the whole global warming idea? It’s right in line with the rest of the conspiratorial beliefs of the global warming crew. Hoesung Lee has been with the IPCC for some time.  A full investigation into whether he is an industry plant seems warranted, since any association with fossil fuel industry is 100% malignent when these past/current employment stints occur with those who question the theory and its solution.  Seems it would work the same way with those on the believer side, resulting in extreme suspicion of anyone backing the AGW mantra who ever received a dime from the fossil fuel industry.  Surely the AGW crowd should be more thoroughly investigaing their own.  In addition, perhaps Lewandosky should study the believers side for conspiracy ideation–I can see book growing from that kind of study.
In the “reality has been totally lost category”:
Q: El Niño is such a big problem, why aren’t people doing anything to solve it? Why aren’t they trying to find a way to prevent El Niño?
(from USA today weather resources site

It seems that global warming scientists have now convinced people we have achieved Star Trek’s weather control capabilities. The idea that is even a question that is put on an informational page indicates just how far into science fiction people have been lead by those who overstate certainty and human’s abilities to control the planet. This is a HUGE disconnect from reality and should be of grave concern for all of society. We are still at the “War of Worlds” level of understanding. Who knows what could be sold to a society that believes evil rich people of the wrong political party are controlling the weather and will destroy the world in doing so?

I cant' take it anymore…...

I cant’ take it anymore……

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