How to despise your children while pretending to care

The ultimate stupidity and lies of the global warming crowd–they are using CHILDREN for their court cases.

Worse, yet, some idiotic (and that is the only word applicable here–there are no polite terms that describe such behaviour) judge agrees. How stupid and uninformed and weak and spineless are adults now??? What have the environmentalists done to the country? How much do you have to HATE your children to allow this to happen and to participate in it.

The level of hatred and loathing is incredible. There was a time when adults actually cared about future generations, but I now see they care NOTHING WHATSOEVER about their or any other children.  It’s all about power and hatred and emotion.  No rational thought, no concerns beyond getting one’s face in the paper or on TV.  Feeling “good” while doing evil.

What a horrible future these people envision for their children.  Used and disposed of when no longer valuable. I pity the chldren and the empty future these people are using them to create.

One comment on “How to despise your children while pretending to care

  1. Gary says:

    About half the practice of a decent lawyer consists of telling would-be clients that they are damned fools and should stop.
    – Elihu Root

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