Get your patches now—show you don’t understand science for all to see


Coming to you from the unscientific, fully political Obama action team.  For a mere $35, you can have these wonderful six patches to sew onto your jacket or whatever (or hire someone to sew it on if you lack that skill).  Let’s see-six for for $35.  That’s $5.80 apiece.  Saving the environment is pricey business, considering a Chinese factory can probably turn these out for a dime apiece.  Maybe a quarter, since China’s stock market’s in trouble.  That leaves $5.56 per patch for your political donation.  I don’t know if they charge sales tax for each locality as should be the case since the Democrats are all about taxes.  I wasn’t interested enough to find out if there were taxes and shipping costs.

I bet the science types could create six patches that show how foolish this whole thing is and sell them for much less.  Probably make them more colorful and appealing, too.  Perhaps I’ll come up with something or one of my readers can.  If what it takes to educate people are colorful patches, it’s time we got into the game, don’t you think?


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