They’re watching!

Checking out blogs that watch deniers (since this blog’s namesake shut down):

Hot Whopper: a total obsession with Anthony Watts, the majority of which consists of insults, personal attacks, etc. So what happened to the science? Guess insults are better than actual data. Is using the false statistic about 97%. Using a fully discredited statistic indicates accuracy and truthfulness is not necessary. Move along, nothing to see here. “North Korea poisoning atmosphere to destroy America weather”. Lew, are you out there? Global warming advocates appear to suffer from interesting conspiracy ideation.

The photo at the top of the blog show a person flying on an airline. Denial. I think so.

Gawker 3/28/14 “Arrest climate-change deniers” Guess the science isn’t all that convincing, is it? Also repeated the false 97% statistic. Where to start? The usual 97% wrong statistic. He states the IPCC is composed of scientists. It is not. The previous head was a railroad engineer. Science studies are submitted, but the IPCC does no original research and they are not scientists. Using the consensus false statistic. Attempts to humiliate anyone who disagrees. This is a political organization, so actual presentation of any science is not expected, nor was any delivered.  (See March 18 post for their attempts to humiliate those who date disagree.) Suggests we name storms after “deniers”. Sure, that’s very scientific and advances the cause. On the other hand, it could backfire and draw much attention to those who know there is no 97% consensus and only shaky science. “Arctic ice free sooner than previous models projected” Translation: Our models are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Salon: Roy Spencer calls warmists “Nazis”. Salon calls Roy “repulsive and an extremist”. So all we have here is name calling. Again, no science, no proof of CAGW, nada.

Al Gore: “Climate change deniers should pay a price” Al has multiple, huge homes, flies on private jets, and has a carbon footprint approaching that of a small country. So what price should Al pay? Seriously, he took half a billion dollars from an oil nation (assuming they actually paid). He is totally denying the seriousness of global warming. He clearly does not believe it to be a threat. You can’t get much more denial that excessive use of the fossil fuels you say are killing the planet. So, again, what price?

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