Evil reigns

The earthquake in Nepal is the latest tool of the EVIL climate change cadre.  I use evil, because using the deaths of thousands to prop up a failed political and scientific theory is just evil—just as the use of “denier” and the holocaust.  These evil individuals will tell people CO2 caused that earthquake.  Oh, not directly, more like one of those catraptions that has a ball run through a number of falls and tunnels before reaching the end.  That way, there’s hope you won’t see just how evil and cruel these people actually are peddling lies.  Can you imagine a caring individual writing that someone’s use of oil caused the tectonic plates to shift (via rain and whatever else misdirection can be employed) and created a 7.8 earthquake?  First off, a caring person would see right through the inherent lies in this and second, caring people don’t enlarge pictures of dead people and scream “I TOLD YOU SO”.  Even if they did tell you so, they do NOT ever, ever say “I told you so” to people crushed by an earthquake.  These are inhuman monsters writing this—remember that when you hear how they “care”—they care about NOTHING but themselves.  They are EVIL.

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