Only Democrats can persecute those who disagree

Saw this today on Greenie Watch:

It seems only the Democrats can call out “deniers” and set the political agenda they want.  Republicans are not allowed to ban those whose beliefs run against the state’s.  Really?  I smell “hypocrites” written all over the Democrats and Obama.

Still no word on who the worse “denier” is.  It’s down to Rubio and Inhofe.  Will update when I find out and you can send your congratulations to the winner.

UPDATE:  Inhofe wins!  Send him your congratulations!  His contact page is:

I sent him this message:

Organize for Action has been running a Climate Change Fantasy Tournament and you have been declared the winner and deemed the worst climate change denier in the country. Congratulations! We need more individuals such as yourself who stand up to the political dogma associated with the global warming scam. Please wear the title proudly!

Meandering thoughts

This graphic appeared on Greenie Watch today:


I was also struck by references to this graphic, one that shows the earth burning:


It’s supposed to scare people into supporting income redistribution and stone age living in order to save the planet.  However, it also bears a striking resemblance to how the book of Revelation says the world will end.  Interesting…..