I was surfing the net and discovered Bill Nye is now the go to guy for an expert on climate change. Really, a comedian and children’s entertainer is the new expert on global warming? How absolutely naive are the global warming advocates hoping the people of the US are? Next, we’ll have Daffy Duck  testifying as to the ills of global warming. Why do we never get Michael Mann or any real “expert” debating a skeptic? The best the global warming people have is a fake science guy? You know they’ve lost the debate and are desperately trying to just snow the public (pun intended for those of you on the East Coast of the US) about global warming.
There was an interesting exchange between a reporter and Obama’s press secretary where the reporter was trying to narrow down Obama on climate change being more of a threat than terrorism. The reporter seemed very unsure how the president of the US could actually think global warming was more dangerous than terrorists. No wonder people have become very skeptical of the entire global warming idea. How can anyone believe model-predicted weather can be more dangerous than terrorists bombing, beheading and burning people alive? This would have been called “insanity” in a more reasoned time. It still should be. The man who is supposed to protect the USA is telling us computer models are more of a threat than a real, live, murderous terrorist. How can anyone take any of this seriously? Bill Nye made the same insane statement. Hint–global warming people, if you want to convince people that global warming is real, put a piece of duct tape over Obama’s mouth and Bill Nye’s too. Your credibility might actually increase. With spokesmen like Obama and Bill Nye, you really don’t need skeptics. You’re destroying yourselves.

This is not the only source for readers who are inclined to dismiss “right wing” sources. There are audio versions out there with the same content.)
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