2015 Challenge

For the opening of 2015, I am challenging people to name one thing in their life that has no connection to fossil fuels, either directly or indirectly. Whether or not you personally used the fossil fuels does not matter. If any fossil fuels were involved at any point, the item does not count. Go for it.

3 comments on “2015 Challenge

  1. I can go with the brook trout and the Pleides star cluster, IF you use no gasoline to see/fish the brook trout. The star cluster defininately wins.
    The box of arrowheads again depends on whether fossil fuels were involved in the gathering, visiting of grandfather, etc.

    While the object of this was to show how much our life depends on fossil fuels, you are very correct that there are things that don’t. Many of these things are very special to us. Perhaps because they are so rare.

    • Gary says:

      Right. Some beautiful and things and experiences don’t need much fossil fuel, but it sure makes it easier to have more of them. Energy and the ability to use it are essential to survival and prosperity.

  2. Gary says:

    The native brook trout in local streams. The box of arrowheads my grandfather gave me when I was a child. The Pleiades star cluster I admire in the cold clear night. How am I doing?

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