And now the NEW theory on global warming

“So within about a decade the effect of adding the thicker ‘blanket’ has been cancelled by the warmer body emitting more energy, the experts explained.

In the longer term, the study and its computer models show that the Earth will begin to absorb more shortwave radiation – the high-energy rays coming directly from the sun.
Experts have previously shied away from talking about shortwave radiation because clouds can reflect this visible light back to space and clouds remain one of the big unknowns under climate change.”
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Now the SUN is going to heat us up due to ?????  If I recall correctly, it’s NOT the sun.  Skeptics were ridiculed mercilessly for suggesting it was the sun.  Now global warming advocates have respun the narrative and created a way for the sun to heat us up due to the CO2.  These people should write novels.


(Note:  This is a news article and may not represent the actual science, just the propaganda that the scientists stand silent as the misrepresentaions are dumped on society.  Will update if I find the silent scientists are not actually in agreement with this article.)

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