Why consensus research is flawed


This site has a very detailed write-up on Cook and further back, some on Lewandowsky.  He’s quite thorough in his explanation about why the research is bad.

(Note:  Yes, I know he says he “believes” there is a consensus, and he believes that some of AGW is valid.   It is not necessary to agree with every argument a person puts forward.  His treatment of the psychology aspect of the consensus is very good and worth reading.)

One comment on “Why consensus research is flawed

  1. omanuel says:

    Regretfully, there are valid reasons to distrust consensus science.

    Consensus science is world government’s response to unreported CHAOS and FEAR that the whole Earth would be annihilated after Stalin’s troops captured Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in late August 1945. That is why world leaders agreed to:

    1. Form the UN on 24 Oct 1945
    2. Take totalitarian control of nations
    3. Use consensus distribution of research funds to prevent public knowledge of energy in the cores of heavy atoms and stars – neutron repulsion

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

    That is also the source of energy in the Sun that:

    1. Made our elements,
    2. Birthed the solar system, and
    3. Sustained life’s origin & evolution

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

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