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More confusion on the “it’s just weather” versus “it’s proof of global warming” front: “Scientific evidence about the rising of average global temperatures seems to be piling up. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, average global temperatures in April, May and June this year were the highest since the beginning of official records, in 1891.”

Now try using the coldest three months to “disprove” global warming.  No, that does not work—it’s not global.  Neither is Japan, but that doesn’t stop the warmists froom claiming tat proves something.  Correction, this is global.  (Thank you, Benny.)  However, using the coldest months still cannot be done even if it’s global.  Should the graph turn downward, I cannot see global warming advocates saying that proves that their theory should be questioned.  Only when the graph continues up do they count the direction.

(Deleted due to misreading of article and far too much haste on my part.  Apologies.)

I am curious where all of the heat is.  So many places have cold records set yet the global temperature keeps rising.  At first, I went with the idea that local is different and “official” records are what we go by.  Yet, Al Gore was greated by record cold in Australia.  The US had record cold—the news media even revivied the “polar vortex” term, modified of course for summer.  How is it that so many places keep setting cold records and yet the average global temperature keeps rising?

And other such rediculous statement: For those of you who wonder why people reject global warming, maybe they recognize chicken little and the boy who cried wolf in the “science”.  Why would people believe something causes virtually everything bad that ever happens.  That’s a fairy tale, and gets getting to be a boring one at that.  Stop blaming skeptics for people not listening and try checking the mirror.  You are your own worst enemy.


5 comments on “In the News

  1. My apologies. I did not associate your name with your comments—I do remember why I wrote you.

    Okay, when you explain the coldest month that way, it makes sense. My thought was that one month was a short time period and really did not show a pattern. Thank you for explaining.

  2. I never said i was banned, you wrote to me privately saying that you didn’t want me to comment anymore. It was polite.
    Being as no month in about the last 20 years has accomplished that feat, the decrease in global avg temp would have to be astonishing. Again, barring a huge volcano or unprecedented decrease in solar radiation ( we are already seeing the lowest levels in about a century) or some other similar extraordinary event, I would find it hard to reconcile having a coldest month in 150 years with current ACC theory.

  3. again my apologies for commenting,
    But I for one would absolutely accept even 1 coldest month since records were kept as fairly strong evidence that ACC was not happening. (barring something like a really major volcano explosion)

    now I remember why I used to comment on this blog,

    • From what I can find, you were warned and edited but not banned. If you follow the rules, you can comment.

      Actually, it’s interesting that you would accept even 1 coldest month since record keeping as strong evidence that ACC was not happing, as I would not accept said evidence.

  4. “Benny” WordPress ate your comment. (It seems as confused as I seem to be—lost my posting repeatedly and can’t tie comments to the blog entry—bad day for all involved, it seems) I am reproducing the comment here. Since you are correct, I’m not banning this comment, but sneaking in with a new name is again a bad behaviour.

    “You misunderstand. The Japanese record is a global record kept by Japan.”

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