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Thank you to a reader for alerting me to Australia finally repealing its carbon tax.  Way to go, Australia!

From the “Can you believe it” bin:


Really, global warming?  How much heat does it take for how long to melt enough ice for the ground to “pop like a champagne cork”?  If it happened as quickly as the young lady seems to be speculating, there wasn’t much ice in the first place.

Remember when all of this was a fascinating study of natural phenomena, mysteries to be solved and not constantly spun into end of the world scenarios?  I so miss those days.

It was cool here in the Rocky Mountains and it RAINED!  I drove home on a gravel “river” and through multiple low spots filled with water yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday we had 1.1 inches of rain and Tuesday we had .41 inches.  This is a huge amount of rain for Casper.  Washed out a lot of our road again.  Of course, I don’t have to water for a couple of days!  And my area didn’t get hailed upon like others did.  The lightening was incredible during the storms.  The heat is coming back, however, and it’s forecast to be in the 90’s for a week or so.  

Water across the road

Water across the road

heavy rain

heavy rain


4 comments on “On the News Front

  1. “If this theory is confirmed, we can say that we have witnessed a unique natural process that formed the unusual landscape of Yamal peninsula,” they said.”

    Yes, the temperatures are higher now, but there’s nothing there nothing to suggest that it’s anything other than a natural phenomena (except speculation on the part of the reader or the researcher). It has occurred before: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0033589476900399

    At this point, all we can do is verify that it is indeed a collapsed pingo and study it. Without an increase in the number of holes, it just says that today, it was warm enough to melt enough of the permafrost over that pingo to cause it to collapse. Also, note what season it is in Yamal.

    If you have a study that shows there is a significant increase in the number of these holes, that would be interesting.

  2. So it is fascinating natural phenomena! Thanks for the link!

    • Gary The Swan says:

      ‘Generally, this rising water level is in-turn caused by warming temperatures, especially in the Arctic where permafrost in the ground is beginning to melt.’

      The “young lady” sounds correct.

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