Blame it on the Drought which we then blame on Climate Change

In the never-ending march of global warming is now the weather and all bad things are due to people, I have found two interesting claims.

1.  The tumbleweed invasion of last year in my state was due to the drought.  Actually, it appears to be the end of the drought that encouraged the tumbleweeds, not the drought itself.  Of course, no news person is going to say “Tumbleweeds are appearing and may mean the end of the drought” because that does not fit the narrative.

2.  The drought is bringing Mormon crickets to the West.  Again, I haven’t seem Mormon crickets in any number of years.  The sea gulls haven’t even been out looking for the bugs.  Until this year, when the rain returned.  Thus far, the sea gulls have not yet flown in, but I have faith they will be flying in soon.

Now, yes, these are anecdotal.  Over a period of ten to twelve years of drought and another 20 years of no drought.  A magical 30 year period.  Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not.  It does, however, give me ample pause in considering whether or not there is honesty in the claims made concerning global warming.  If the media presents a picture that does not match reality, they do harm to their “news” because people stop listening.  

Scientific badger

Scientific badger


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