Okay, someone rearranged WordPress and my screen is all different! Arggghhhhh!!! Don’t they know change is bad? (TeeHee.)

I am busy with gardening, weed cutting (except the milkweeds—I want to help save the monarchs! Of course, my not very bright ducks might eat the milkweed, so I have to fence the area off.), mowing and so forth. Plus, I’m not a fan of heat in the first place.

This blog is not forgotten, however, and I will try to update as often as possible.

The one observation I have for today is how for years and years the media and climate science screamed that “weather is not climate” yet every news broadcast now tells us “weather is climate”. So my question is, when did weather become climate? Why didn’t we all get the memo?

As for the weather, pretty uneventful. It’s hot in California and things have been burning. Happens every single year.  Things actually have been burning in other places, but the fire season seems off to a slow start. It’s hot in many places—we call that summer. There are storm warnings frequently—we also call that summer. Anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows tornadoes are part of summer and you deal with them. So is flooding. So move along folks, nothing new here.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment!

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