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More confusion on the “it’s just weather” versus “it’s proof of global warming” front: “Scientific evidence about the rising of average global temperatures seems to be piling up. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, average global temperatures in April, May and June this year were the highest since the beginning of official records, in 1891.”

Now try using the coldest three months to “disprove” global warming.  No, that does not work—it’s not global.  Neither is Japan, but that doesn’t stop the warmists froom claiming tat proves something.  Correction, this is global.  (Thank you, Benny.)  However, using the coldest months still cannot be done even if it’s global.  Should the graph turn downward, I cannot see global warming advocates saying that proves that their theory should be questioned.  Only when the graph continues up do they count the direction.

(Deleted due to misreading of article and far too much haste on my part.  Apologies.)

I am curious where all of the heat is.  So many places have cold records set yet the global temperature keeps rising.  At first, I went with the idea that local is different and “official” records are what we go by.  Yet, Al Gore was greated by record cold in Australia.  The US had record cold—the news media even revivied the “polar vortex” term, modified of course for summer.  How is it that so many places keep setting cold records and yet the average global temperature keeps rising?

And other such rediculous statement: For those of you who wonder why people reject global warming, maybe they recognize chicken little and the boy who cried wolf in the “science”.  Why would people believe something causes virtually everything bad that ever happens.  That’s a fairy tale, and gets getting to be a boring one at that.  Stop blaming skeptics for people not listening and try checking the mirror.  You are your own worst enemy.

On the News Front

Thank you to a reader for alerting me to Australia finally repealing its carbon tax.  Way to go, Australia!

From the “Can you believe it” bin:

Really, global warming?  How much heat does it take for how long to melt enough ice for the ground to “pop like a champagne cork”?  If it happened as quickly as the young lady seems to be speculating, there wasn’t much ice in the first place.

Remember when all of this was a fascinating study of natural phenomena, mysteries to be solved and not constantly spun into end of the world scenarios?  I so miss those days.

It was cool here in the Rocky Mountains and it RAINED!  I drove home on a gravel “river” and through multiple low spots filled with water yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday we had 1.1 inches of rain and Tuesday we had .41 inches.  This is a huge amount of rain for Casper.  Washed out a lot of our road again.  Of course, I don’t have to water for a couple of days!  And my area didn’t get hailed upon like others did.  The lightening was incredible during the storms.  The heat is coming back, however, and it’s forecast to be in the 90’s for a week or so.  

Water across the road

Water across the road

heavy rain

heavy rain


We have to act NOW

One of the common claims in global warming is that we see a trend and we have to act.  Never mind that our models don’t predict accurately, never mind we only just beginning to understand climate, a system that is so incredibly complex our supercomputers cannot handle all of the data and calculations with any reasonable degree of resolution, never mind that the models make very different predictions from one another—no, it does not matter.   We MUST act.  

This is in and of itself NOT science in any way.  Science does not act on half the needed evidence.  Science does not fill in data where it’s missing because we have to act on the sparse data we have.  Science does not say “it’s too important”.  Science waits for the data to actually come in.  It rejects excessive interpolations and estimates, as in very rarely uses them.  Science knows that lack of data can easily lead to false conclusions.  Science cares that it might.

Politics is interested only in achieving its own goals and cares nothing of the truth.  Half-baked data, missing data, little or no data—matters not. The seriousness of the potential situational outcomes is all that counts.  Count we all die?  Is it probable?  Does not matter.  Only “could we”. Dive in, declare an emergency and act in a way that furthers your politcal career.  Don’t ask questions, listen to the “authorities”.  Silence all who would question or point out the emperor has no clothes.  Threaten them with death and jail.  Claim the high moral ground.  Demand you be listened to and insult and deride all who don’t.  Politics can win an argument that pink unicorns exist and are a danger to society if it’s phrase properly and repeated often enough.

Global warming—which catagory does that fall into?  I’ll let you make your own choice.

Blame it on the Drought which we then blame on Climate Change

In the never-ending march of global warming is now the weather and all bad things are due to people, I have found two interesting claims.

1.  The tumbleweed invasion of last year in my state was due to the drought.  Actually, it appears to be the end of the drought that encouraged the tumbleweeds, not the drought itself.  Of course, no news person is going to say “Tumbleweeds are appearing and may mean the end of the drought” because that does not fit the narrative.

2.  The drought is bringing Mormon crickets to the West.  Again, I haven’t seem Mormon crickets in any number of years.  The sea gulls haven’t even been out looking for the bugs.  Until this year, when the rain returned.  Thus far, the sea gulls have not yet flown in, but I have faith they will be flying in soon.

Now, yes, these are anecdotal.  Over a period of ten to twelve years of drought and another 20 years of no drought.  A magical 30 year period.  Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not.  It does, however, give me ample pause in considering whether or not there is honesty in the claims made concerning global warming.  If the media presents a picture that does not match reality, they do harm to their “news” because people stop listening.  

Scientific badger

Scientific badger



Okay, someone rearranged WordPress and my screen is all different! Arggghhhhh!!! Don’t they know change is bad? (TeeHee.)

I am busy with gardening, weed cutting (except the milkweeds—I want to help save the monarchs! Of course, my not very bright ducks might eat the milkweed, so I have to fence the area off.), mowing and so forth. Plus, I’m not a fan of heat in the first place.

This blog is not forgotten, however, and I will try to update as often as possible.

The one observation I have for today is how for years and years the media and climate science screamed that “weather is not climate” yet every news broadcast now tells us “weather is climate”. So my question is, when did weather become climate? Why didn’t we all get the memo?

As for the weather, pretty uneventful. It’s hot in California and things have been burning. Happens every single year.  Things actually have been burning in other places, but the fire season seems off to a slow start. It’s hot in many places—we call that summer. There are storm warnings frequently—we also call that summer. Anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows tornadoes are part of summer and you deal with them. So is flooding. So move along folks, nothing new here.