Continuing on the subject of glacier melting


In an article that the BBC would be proud of, the New York Times claims that the melting of glaciers is accelerating. To emphasise the point, they headline with comparison photos of the Muir Glacier, Alaska.

These are often reproduced, to show the effects of “global warming”, and contrast images in 1941 and 2004. The message is clear, and we all know whose fault it is!

Read more: has photos that show the Alaskan glaciers.  Some have melted quickly, some not.  What is not addressed is how often glaciers do melt, reasons for melting, etc.  It’s certainly not a new phenomena—glaciers melted long before the current use of fossil fuels began.  So while the photos are fascinating, there’s far more to the story.  Pictures are only worth a thousand words if those words are speaking the truth,  not an implied political agenda.

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