Continuing on the subject of glacier melting


In an article that the BBC would be proud of, the New York Times claims that the melting of glaciers is accelerating. To emphasise the point, they headline with comparison photos of the Muir Glacier, Alaska.

These are often reproduced, to show the effects of “global warming”, and contrast images in 1941 and 2004. The message is clear, and we all know whose fault it is!

Read more: has photos that show the Alaskan glaciers.  Some have melted quickly, some not.  What is not addressed is how often glaciers do melt, reasons for melting, etc.  It’s certainly not a new phenomena—glaciers melted long before the current use of fossil fuels began.  So while the photos are fascinating, there’s far more to the story.  Pictures are only worth a thousand words if those words are speaking the truth,  not an implied political agenda.

Irreversible Antarctic ice sheet melt

This is the healine in multiple media today.  “Irreversible”.  The fine print says it could take up to 1000 years.

Is this as crazy as it sounds?  The media is telling people they just as well give up on stopping global warming because in 1000 or so years, the Antarctic ice sheet will melt?  So no more need to carbon taxes?  No more driving electric cars?  Forget saving the planet—it’s too late?  Wow, that’s really amazing.  Give up—it’s too late.


Check out the climate4kids blog.  There are new posts.


Scientific badger

Scientific badger

It just keeps getting dumber and dumber

Further update:  The French foreign minister says we have 500 days left to stop “climate chaos”.  Interesting—the name keeps changing all the time.  That looks like a typical marketing technique, not science.  No word on where the 500 days came from.  Maybe the same place the IPCC confidence levels came from—pulled it out of the air.  How many times can one cry wolf before people just stop caring if the wolf eats you ?  Over and over and over setting artificial dates (or no dates, so you’re lack of certainty doesn’t show) and then ignoring their passing.  If this was a minister predicting the end of the earth—yeah, but this is “science”.  Sigh……..


Sue the government for not making the right weather.  How arrogant and utterly disgusting.  One more way to redistribute wealth, especially to the lawyers.  Poor child has a mother that has no problem pushing science fiction and using it to punish those who do not go along with mommy wants.  Greedy, selfish and completely vile.  Poor child and future children.  They will all pay the price for this arrogance.

The psychic scam that is global warming is trying to convince us there is somehow a change due to human-caused global warming.  Luckily, there seems to be a large portion of the society that would believe in the Easter Bunny if Obama and the media said it was true.  Followers of the doctrine will remain.  (As an offsetting group, there are a large number of people who now believe Obama lies every time he open his mouth, so global warming may actually take a hit this way—Obama says it’s true, so it must be lie.)  Never mind 2013 was one of the coldest on record, tornadoes are down and extreme weather is really just in the minds of the media.   Obama is clueless as to what environmental damage would be done by “energy from the weather” to replace coal and NG.  Or, more probably, he just not care.  It is amazing how people lap this up thinking there is genuine concern for the human race.  Then again, look how long Bernie Madoff lied to supposedly smart people who just wanted to make more money that was actually possible and didn’t care to ask how he was making this happen.  People can be very, very foolish when they want to believe.

Next on the list of insane comments for the week—Harry Reid says the Koch brothers are the cause of climate change.  You remember Harry Reid—who doubled his money with investments in the Dow Jones US Energy Sector—you know, the oil companies he’s slamming the Koch brothers for being part of.  Doesn’t matter—he has his millions and who cares about anyone else?  Can’t do anything about it now, so just keep the money and hope no one notices.  I guess Harry thinks Al Gore’s money from Al Jezeera for the television channel is somehow blessed and holy and has no effect on the climate.  Do these people have a high priest that blesses their money and takes away the taint of oil?  Maybe the Koch brothers could have their money blessed.  No—they probably wouldn’t partake of such nonsense.  How much more insanity can we stand?  This is completely irrational and it just gets worse daily.

No worries about losing the “Watching the Deniers” blog.  There’s plenty of crazy people out there pushing an expensive, baseless, science-less agenda.  Prediction after prediction, again based only on the principles of carnival psychic cold prediction methods.  Failure after failure of the predictions, yet followers just lapping up the failures as if they were successes.  After all, this is sooo important.  Actually, an award should be given for such an accomplishment, so I created one:     Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 8.08.50 AM