I have been working on the energy balance of the earth and this week the class is on paleoclimate.  At this point, I can’t really write much up–virtually everything so far is what I have already read on my own.  Hopefully, the paleoclimate will be enlightening.  In the meantime, I have questions.  These are sincere, honest questions.  I want to understand.  If any one has an answer that is clear and informative, I would appreciate answers.  (If, on the other hand, the best you have is “It’s obvious”, “You don’t understand science” etc, you will not be allowed to comment and any comments of that nature will be deleted.  Comments that “no one knows” are not going to be helpful either.  That’s where I’m sitting at now–I can’t find the answers.  So show me the math.  Explain the processes.)

1.  When was the earth’s energy “in balance”?  Everything so far says it never was.  So I am guessing that it is statistically so far out now that it is perceived as a problem.  I then run into the problem of using proxies for what appear to be extremely precise temperature measurements when in reality there does not seem to be support for that practice.  In the past, proxies were an approximation of the past, not precise representation.  Yet now, they seem to be “precise”.   Out of balance seems the norm.

2.  Why is “average” the proper statistic for the temperature of the earth?  Average really is not useful over a range of -134 to +134 over millions and millions of square miles.  Why is it used?

3.  How do we know what the “optimal” average global temperature is?  We only know what we have seen and extrapolated from proxies.  If the oceans rose, people would move inland (they would not be refugees–sorry.)  How do we know that the average temperature should not fluctuate or increase or decrease.?  It’s done so all along.  Again, I hear the statistically significant argument, but I don’t see the math presented to support this.

Enough for now.  Some of you may find this annoying, but if you want me to support the global warming position, I need answers.