New blog

There is a new blog for kids, “Climate4Kids” at  It’s just getting started and we could use contributions if people are interested in writing on climate and the weather for children.  The blog is an upbeat look at the world, designed to help kids feel good about their world.  All contributions will be reviewed before acceptance.  If you want to contribute, or have questions, you can email me  If you have suggestions for improving or adding to the page, we welcome those, too.  (All comments are moderated on the blog, so you may want to post here where I’m less into moderating comments.)

An interesting question came up–with the legalization of marijuana in two states, what will the effect on electricity usage be?  A couple of years back, this was in the Times   Did anyone consider this before legalizing it?  Where were the protests from those who want energy conservation?  There are arguments that growing marijuana in national forests is bad for the environment.  Perhaps there should have been an environmental impact study?  We have do those for everything else.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment!

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