2 comments on “New Open Thread for whatever you want to discuss

  1. I saw this. National Geographic and Lubos Motl had write ups, as did several other places. Black holes were always interesting. First, they were a theory and out there somewhere in the universe. Then, there was one at the center of every galaxy. Later, they were “everywhere” as mini black holes. Science fiction writers loved them. It always seemed a shakey theory. It will be very interesting to see what comes of this. It’s pretty major when Steven Hawking suddenly says “I may have been wrong”. Perhaps people will awaken to the reality that much of science is not “settled” and that “consensus” is not how science should be decided. Many people claimed “consensus” on black holes. Now? It’s too early to say, but I am encouraged that this even made print.

    (The link you posted requires a password. Do you have one that does not?)

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