The Gods of Climate Science

Just brief post–I am venting here:

I foolishly was reading on a “science” blog again about climate change.  I realized why people despise and deplore climate change scientists.  Said scientists have elevated themselves to Gods–and not the nice, sweet type, but more like the Gods of Greek, Norse and Roman mythology who punished people constantly for simply existing.  The complete and utter arrogance is astounding.  To read the blogs, the climate scientists posses secret knowledge that only they can understand and we, the mere mortals, had better listen to them or be condemned as “deniers” and “unscientific”.  Seriously, do you hear yourselves???”

“I am the God of Climate Science.  You are incapable of understanding anything that I, in my infinite wisdom, know.  You are stupid, weak and committing blasphemy by asking questions of your GOD.  If I and my fellow gods declare warming will occur and snow occurs, just shut the **** up and learn to love it.  We KNOW what we are talking about.  How dare you question us????  We will rain fire down on you for your insolence.  We will throw you in prisons.  We will take your jobs and your lives and make them hell.  We are the GODS.  Hear us and obey.”

Really, this is what you sound like.  It is so incredibly wrong and so incredibly bad for what was a rather honored discipline called science that climate research and models have been elevated to the status of undeniable truth and a PhD makes one the High Priest of science in possession of the hidden truths.   So note, when people shun climate science and are “anti-science”, they are just doing what science has always done–rejected a religion they find deplorable and unbelievable.  The simple fact that science thought it could replace God and elevate itself to the position of omniscience doesn’t make it so.  It just makes people think of climate science and it’s preachers as adolescents with God complexes.    Who wants to read or study anything from a group with that attitude?  Which is probably why early indoctrination and severe punishment for disagreeing is the only way the religion survives.  I am always being reminded it was the church that stood in the way of Galileo.  Now, it’s the Church of the Climate Change Gods that stands in the way of science itself.  It’s always interesting that scientists slam Jehovah Witnesses and Mormans for “spreading the word” in such a pushy way, while the Gods of Climate Science are calling for the severe punishment (and even death) of all those who will not worship at their alters.   They have become the preachers and the One Way to truth and enlightenment.    Science has become that which it claimed to despise.


Scientific badger

Scientific badger



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