More RIP for Science

Reddit, an internet social news and entertainment website that makes claims that it does not censor, has now begun censoring “deniers” of climate change.  The science is settled according to this website and we cannot have “deniers” tainting that “settled” part.  Not sure who their science editor is that made this decision, though it may have been Al Gore, who is delighted anything contradictory to his billion dollar enterprise will no longer appear on Reddit.

First, Reddit appears to censor all the time.  I found many articles concerning this from the past.  In grand liberal fashion, they simply lie about their lack of censorship.  The lies are the reality to these groups.  So this is not really a breaking news story on censorship.

However, as was pointed out on another site (I’m paraphrasing here):

Using the new policy at Reddit as a guideline, science is now :

1. Create hypothesis.

2. Build model.

3. Alter data as needed to prove model.

4. Announce findings as settled science.

5. Burn heretics that oppose you.

If memory serves me correctly, this is how religions rise to prominence.  Especially number 5.  If the theory cannot stand up to scrutiny, then just destroy anyone or anything that would falsify it.  The new science–religious in behaviour while claiming objectivity.

Again, RIP science.


Scientific badger

Scientific badger

The Greenpeace that tried to steal Christmas

Update:  After considerable thought, it occurred to me that Greenpeace does not really understand Santa.  Here’s a guy that can deliver billions of presents in one night using a sleigh and reindeer.  Surely, Santa could just move ice from the South Pole (where there is an above average amount right now) to the North Pole, or better yet, just load up his workshop and move it to the South Pole.   There are adorable penguins down there that would add a lot to the pictures of Santa’s workshop.  NORAD could still track him.  He wouldn’t even need a change of address kit–he could just tuck a note into each present before delivery.  Greenpeace, you should be ashamed for so underestimating Santa.

A new video by Greenpeace is telling children that Santa is in serious trouble because the North Pole is melting.  Never mind that a new record low was set in Antarctica, that polar ice has rebounded and never even come close to melting the North Pole.

In response, I give you the “real” reason for the demise of Santa:

(I am using a link rather than the actual graphic because the graphic may be disturbing to some people. )