Religion and climate change

On the Greenie watch blog, this story appeared:

Curious, I checked Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina:

I learned two things:  (1)Politics and religion can be anything but caring and compassionate and (2) all the research into climate change is a waste.  Researchers need to be sitting in church to find out what God is up to this week.

It fascinates me that both sides will often endorse theories on God when it agrees with their viewpoint.  I have read several instances where churches endorsing climate change are hailed as visionary by the climate change advocates.  The exact same individuals celebrating this climate endorsement condemn views from the church on homosexuality.  One supposes you could claim this results due to removal of outlying data points, but that would be stretch.

All of this invoking of “God is on our side” moves the debate to the religious arena, which I find advocates embrace when it’s to their benefit, pulling the discussion out of science.  One of the criticisms of climate change is the religious nature of their beliefs–they often seem to take ideology from their “supreme beings” (peer-reviewed researchers) and not question any of it.  This leads to claims that climate change is faith based.  I cannot see how claiming “God is on our side” can do anything other than further reinforce questioner’s beliefs that climate change is about winning the public over, not about actual scientific data.

Much like the claims of conspiracy ideation on the part of questioners,  there exists a real possibility of further claims of religious ideation on the part of climate change advocates if articles invoking God’s approval continue to pop up.  Perhaps more damaging is the fact that advocates may be willing to grab onto anyone who supports their cause, with or without reason.  This further weakens their claims of science being reason for believing in climate change.

(Note:  I am not saying the using “God is on our side” means climate change is wrong.   The validity of the climate change theory is based entirely on the data.  However, climate change advocates often try to say/imply that people who believe in conspiracies and are skeptics proves skeptics are wrong because of the conspiracy beliefs.  The same tainting of the argument can certainly be achieved using “God is on our side” and climate change advocates.)

Additional note:  Someone asked me if the relief effort is carbon neutral?  My guess is no, it’s not.  Did all the believers in climate change turn off their lights and park their SUV’s to compensate for the fuel used in delivering supplies using multiple Osprey helicopters?  Seems unlikely.  Will God then send another hurricane to punish us for using too much fossil fuel in the relief effort?  Who knows?


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