RIP Science

Today we announce the death of science.  While many believed science would be destroyed by the climate change myth and it’s associated politicalization of science, death actually occurred due to the allure of television.  Graduates in the medical field, in an attempt to make themselves popular and loved, crossed over and stabbed science to death today with the appearance of James Van Praagh on “The Doctors”.  In an ironic turn, the medium may actually be able to speak to the deceased field and let us know how it felt about it’s own death.  


7 comments on “RIP Science

  1. I checked out the post. Some of the discussion is quite interesting and so were the responses of Way and Cowtan. It’s a somewhat unique paper in that there is an attempt to actually measured temperatures to verify interpolation (holdouts). Without paying for the entire paper, I just have to go by what it presented on the blogs. If the method can be replicated several more times, it could prove valuable. I will have to wait for additional research, however, before endorsing the method.

  2. john byatt says:

    1. Nov. 13, 2013 — An interdisciplinary team of researchers say they have found ‘missing heat’ in the climate system, casting doubt on suggestions that global warming has slowed or stopped over the past decade.

    RC write up

    pickled oceans

    • J Giddeon says:

      There must be ‘missing heat’ because the models couldn’t possibly be incorrect, right?

      Isn’t it funny how this fugitive heat always seems to be in places we don’t or can’t measure properly – deep ocean , Arctic. At some point we’ll be told its in the Penn State email system since we are allowed to look into it either 🙂 .

      It would also be of some value if someone, some time gave a passably believable reason why the heat suddenly decided to ‘disappear’ into the deep ocean and the Arctic in the mid 90s.

      Equally if the heat can disappear like this, perhaps it can also reappear. Maybe that explains the 1975-95 warming.

      The more warmists try to dig their way out of the hiatus hole the bigger the hole gets. But they have little choice other than to defend the models since the whole scare is predicated on the models being right.

      Over at WtD they’ve solved the problem by simply decreeing that, under blog rules, everyone has to pretend there is no hiatus.

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